I f’n hate rappers

I don’t wanna hear about how great you are, or how “great you is“. Show me, tough stuff.

oh, wait… you’re not tough stuff, you’re a sensitive lil pansy. You get all bent outta shape if someone makes a “yo mama” joke. Maybe it’s b/c of all the steriods you take, b/c you need to look buff when you take your shirt off. They make you all moody & whatnot? Rappers will react badly, & take sh*t too personal. News Flash: It’s not all about them.

Man, that’s right…. they think it *is* all about them. They are just as much divas as Mariah, J-Lo, or Madge. Many demand the type of smoke that really is only legal in Amsterdam right now. Pharell needs 20 crates of Grey Goose & Bacardi each, 15 magnums of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque champagne, & a Rolls Royce on hand in case he wants to run around town. I forgot the belly dancers he requests to entertain them whilst they’re getting their drink on.

There was a time when a Rap meant something. Said something. & that thing wasn’t about your new sneakers & your fetish about having fresh clean white ones. Ppl were trying to bring issues to light. They wanted you to get mad, or upset enough to do something. RATM even has action links on their site, for ppl to get involved; as well as a parental link (for those parents that may still care to be involved in their kids’ lives).

I don’t want to hear your own personal battles; how you’re better than that dude. Then that dude puts out a song about how he’s better than you. Sort it out yourselves. Or don’t. I don’t care. Agree to disagree. You’re adults.

And another thing. Y’all have moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriends. You respect them. What’s wrong w/ saying that once in a while? Common’s The Light shows us that he’s harder than many other rappers just cause he can say what he says, strongly.

If rap is now folks like Lil Wayne*, & this Flo Rida** character, rap’s dead. You already know how I feel about lil Wayne, after he compared his “greatness” to that of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

Show some respect. & pull your pants up.

*(& how many lil ppl are there anyway?!?!)
**(who’s crap should NOT be on the radio, my jaw hit the floor when I heard what he did to that Dead or Alive song)

What inspired this? You have to watch the video below. I love hip hop. The really good stuff. But today’s rap’s just an infection. I was so ready to make a video & send it in for a t-shirt (the things we’ll do for a free t-shirt, what can I say?), but it ended on March 30th.

oh, & don’t watch the vid @ work, unless your work doesn’t care about the F-word & N-word being tossed around like Karrine Steffans.

UPDATE (5/25/2009): I don’t know if it’s just the allergy meds talkin, but this had me rollin! I mean, tears comin outta my eyes, laughing so much it hurt…

The 11 Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever

and if you can handle it…

14 More of the Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever

red flags & racial profiling

Ok, so I was reading this article this morn about what to do if you’re pulled over by a cop. And when you’re unlikely to get pulled over (in the rain or during rush hour).

And this is an actual screenshot of the article:
Um, did you catch the end there? This Mr. Barry was a cop in Texas for 8 yrs. They say he was the best in the state, maybe even the country. He worked w/ the FBI & the DEA, & had quite a reputation. He was like the suave one from Hot Fuzz. He recommends that you not try to be too ethnic. haha. “Think you can handle that?” “Sure, I’ll get right on that.”


OH- & speaking of Hot Fuzz, let me share w/ y’all yet another real life conversation I’ve had w/ Mr. T this week. So, Mr. T has a Playstation 2, & he’s ordered this shooter game he used to play & TWO guns to shoot w/. Mr. T used to have a Playstation 2 years ago, before the original xBox came out, then he traded it in w/ all his old games, & got an xBox. Now, he’s got both.

Mr. T: Sweet, the shooter game [he said the actual name of the game, but I forgot it] & the guns should be here by Monday! We’ll both be on the same team, shooting the enemies together. We’ll be working together, just like in Hot Fuzz. You’ll love it.
moi: Ok, but which one am I? I don’t want to be the dork who doesn’t even know how to do his job.
Mr. T: [doesn’t say anything; just leaves the room]

I think he’s planning on being the suave one (Nicholas Angel), & I’m gonna get stuck being the dork. sigh.

springtime = mo pics

Hey everyone,
I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been visiting all your blogs/sites. I haven’t really felt like posting, & have been worried about the state of our relationships w/ each other. I mean in this country as a whole. How we all relate to one another. And I didn’t want to just keep harping on it. Ya know? So, I’ve just not posted.

Anyhoo, you should all know that it’s beautiful outside. Did’ja see 30 Rock last night?!? They were in love w/ Cleveland last night; so much so that they’ve put up a C-town guide on their site!!! Yes, I’m excited b/c I’m a Clevelander through & through, & I do love this town. It’s gorgeous here today.

Oh, if you like 30 Rock, you should try their online “Marry, Boff, or Kill” game. It’s a game they play on the show.

Ok, back to my whole “it’s beautiful outside” thing. It is. Beautiful. Gorgeous. And it inspires me to take more pics. I’m carrying my cam around w/ me again all the time; & if I see something, I’m documenting it. Also, this week’s PhotoFriday challenge is “Country”. AND I’m going out of town on holiday, & I’ll be driving through the countryside!!! So, I’m planning on submitting my pic this coming week.

Hope y’all are doing fine. And I hope to have more to post soon.

ta-DA! I knew it!

Hey, guess what, folks?!

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I knew it! Well, actually, I didn’t. But I thought maybe.

Actually, I don’t really think this is true. This isn’t actually an accurate thingie, cause it said that their are zero ppl here in the US w/ my 1st name, but, HELLO, I’m someone in the US w/ my 1st name! Right?

Plus, I’ve met someone (a guy in Texas) who has my 1st name minus one character at the end. So, I’m sure there’s more out there.

Are you ready for some football?

So, the ppl who know me best, know that I’m such a hardcore football patron. Heeheehee. Ok, so that’s totally not true. But it was funny.

But every now & then, I do have football comments. Now, I think “real hardcore football ppl” should really NOT read my football posts. B/c in all seriousness, it’ll prob just piss you off that someone who knows absolutely nothing about a subject is posting as if she does. So, that’s my disclaimer. Don’t come bitchin to me when you get mad if you keep reading.

Ok, now for the actual post…

So, yahoo is always putting up certain “featured articles” on my home page that they think the mass Yahooing public might find interesting. They actually posted this about a week & a half ago, but what can I say, I’ve been busy.

The article was about the possible trade of Randy Moss. Now, most ppl I know would know that normally I don’t even know the names of football players (well, except Eagles players, b/c my bf talks about them). But I do know Moss well. How do I know him? Well, that’s not important, is it? Fine, fine, I’ll tell ya. I know Randy Moss b/c they mentioned him in an OutKast song. So, whatever, maybe I exaggerated when I said I knew him “well”.

So anyway, I know Randy Moss plays for someplace warm. I’m not exactly sure where, but it’s def someplace warm. And they’re thinking of trading him to New England. Or, maybe New England wants him & want to trade someone for him. Either way, I know New England is in the NE somewhere & is cold.

Now, in my football expertise-opine, I think that this trade wouldn’t work simply b/c Randy used to play for someplace cold, & he went to someplace warm. I’m pretty sure it was b/c his fingers were too cold up there. Football players can’t really wear gloves when they’re playing b/c, you know, they have to like grip the ball & stuff.

Therefore, this trade will not happen. That’s all. Stay tuned for my ‘fantasy football’ post coming up!

my motivational poster

As some of you may know, Liz has sent us this link (via email) &…. Wait. This seems like a good story-board story-time. Ready? Here we go.

I was sittin at work, doing work-type things. Ok, so I was really reading a mag, but it was an industry mag, so it totally counts. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an email from my girl Liz. I call her Liz-gurl. I don’t know if y’all are allowed to though. She calls me a name that ends in ‘la’; it’s sing-songy. That’s a story for another day. Anyway, here’s the email:In case yous guys have forgotten how much I just love participating in these kinds of things, let me remind you of our fun-filled pig-drawrin days of yore. You can relive them here & here.

SO, of course, I was totally giddy & knew EXACTLY what my motivational poster creation would be. I don’t really think it needs any explanation, so here it is. A warning to all you kids out there.This is one of my dearest & oldest friends (oldest meaning I’ve known her forever, not oldest in age, folks). You can visit her site here; she’s also an artist, & so if you have good taste, you might want to check out her stuff yo.

And of course, you too can go here & create your very own motivational poster. Just don’t forget to send it to me, cause you know how much I love seein ‘em.

Go, create! If we can just help one kid, one child, then we will go to bed knowing that we’ve made a difference!

paper or plastic?


Say it ain’t so. This just sucks! That’s crap! This is all b/c today’s youth can’t read, write, add, or subtract; isn’t it? Well, besides the ones in my fam, of course. They’re lil geniuses! Back to the point…

Y’all know V? Remember back when he wrote about Monopoly coming out w/ a new edition. It was called the “Here & Now” edition, & you could vote on what landmarks you wanted to represent each city. I went there for a week, & put my votes in.

I do love to play boardgames. & what better than to be asked to make decisions on the future of a fun boardgame?

Well, Urban Cowgirl just emailed me the aforelinked USA Today article; it talks about how they’re doing away w/ the cash & using debit cards instead on the UK version of Monopoly. This just does not seem right to me. I mean, aside from the fact that now the kids can’t cheat anymore; which in itself is another fun part of playing “games”. Now, not only do the kids not have to count out anything; but also they’re not going to pay attention as much.

You had to really be on your toes when playing Monopoly. I mean, you had to watch each other to make sure no one was “borrowing” from the bank. You had to make sure you got what money was owed to you. You had to do percentages. It was very intricate. Now, w/ the attention-span of today’s youth, they’ll be watching their dvr’s, text-messaging, & illegally downloading music while playing b/c who needs to pay attention to what you’re doing anymore. Everything is so user-friendly, you barely have to be breathing to function. Just the physical presence is needed. For now.

What happened to the days when ppl used to play boardgames out on the front porch w/ their grandfather while drinking pink lemonade. And don’t tell me that only happens in Country-Time commercials, b/c my sis & I used to play used to play games like that all the time. Some of the old-school games we played, our grandfather had taught us from his childhood, & we actually had to draw out the board for the game on our sidewalk w/ chalk since they didn’t sell it in the stores.

Anyway, my point is that I really fear that we are raising kids who don’t do anything. They don’t fill out their own college applications, they have their moms do it for them; & now they don’t even want to focus enough to play a board-game?

I’m linking various articles, b/c I’ve found that as time goes on, some sites delete their news pages. So, I’m hoping that by linking a bunch, that a couple will still be valid a month from now.

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do you wanna headbutt?

When Zidane headbutted that guy,
did you wish that was you?

Well, here’s your chance!

In this game, you can!

Yea for you!

world cup fever

Everyone knows someone who’s got it. Monday, at a cookout, I met a girl who’s got it bad. Her prob right now is that since the US is outta contention, she can’t find the game on her tele. ESPN, ABC, & ESPN2 are still broadcasting games, but she couldn’t find them. I guess they’re just airing whichever games they want all sporadically. So, I told her how I watch it. Now, mind you, I don’t have ‘the fever’. If I’m dusting, vacuuming, or straightening up the living room, I do turn it on. I’m not glued to the set, but I’ll watch it for a few mins, then turn off the tv, & go onto whatever is next.

So, I told her to find her Telemundo channel, cause they’ll play the World Cup all day & all night, like it’s 1999. So, I’ve made a list.

Reasons to watch the World Cup on Telemundo versus the American sports channel:

1. No 5 sec delay.
What do they seriously think is gonna happen? Oh, wait, maybe it’s cause of all the streakers during the games. Ok, so maybe that’s why. Forget it then. But still, no 5 sec delay.
2. The commentators talk in Spanish.
Do you really need a play by play during the world cup? We don’t know the players names or anything. So you can clearly see the one dude passed it to the other, who bounced it off his head to some other guy who kicked it all sideways-like into the goal! Yeah! You can see all that, you don’t need someone explaining the obvious. BUT, it does sound cooler when they’re all talkin in Spanish all fast, & rollin ‘r’s, & what-not. I guess if you know Spanish, it may help; but I don’t & I totally enjoy watching it in Spanish anyway. It’s just plain, good clean fun.
3. You don’t have to check your tv guide to see what games are playing & when.
They’re always on, all the time. They barely even interrupt w/ the news. Screw the regularly scheduled programming, they’re (like the whole rest of the world) excited about the World Cup.

Now, I don’t really watch it, like I said before. But I do love seeing ppl all excited & passionate about stuff. They’re playing commercials in Europe about it, & U2 did a couple of the spots. Here’s what the Edge says in one: “…every 4 years in June, sick days increase 300 percent. And yet not one employee is fired. Not one doctor’s note is required. Not one important meeting is ruined. Because bosses are out sick, too.”

I think that’s just crazy. I mean, by 300%!?! That’s insane! But I do like crazy, & it’s totally insane in a really cool way. So, I just wanna say that I’m totally diggin all the ppl who are all ga-ga over da Cup.

go to Madagascar!

Ok, so Yahoo! announced that the Top User Rated Animated Movies are (in this order):

1- The Incredibles
2- Finding Nemo
3- The Lion King
4- Shrek

Well, I did like Finding Nemo, but #2!?! I don’t think it deserves the # 2 spot! Madagascar was waaaay better than the Incredibles. And Lion King was way better than the Incredibles too! Who did they survey for this ranking?

So, I went to this site, & submitted my rankings. I gave the Incredibles a “D”, & Madagascar an “A+” in an effort to push it up. So, if you liked Madagascar, please go & do your part to bump it up (it was #34 when I went to the ranking).

Urban Cowgirl, if you’re reading this, please don’t go submit your rankings there, b/c I know how much you love the Incredibles. I’m so hoping that your job has blocked that site. But we know that no one blocks any sites here in C-town.