You know you wanna vote sum mo’….

Ok, folks… so my dear friend Steph has entered her ever-lovin kitty in a contest. I’m counting on all of yous to help ‘Stache win this thing! If you met him, you’d totally be ALL about him!!!

Here’s his entry:

I’m Mustache. The person who takes care of me, Stephanie, has entered me in The Humane Society of the United States’ Spay Day USA Pet Photo Contest, presented by Nature’s Miracle and Zoombak. Now I need your vote to help me win some cool prizes. Go here to vote for me!

To celebrate Spay Day USA (February 26), The Humane Society of the United States is telling everyone that spaying and neutering improves pets’ lives. In addition to making pets better, more affectionate companions, spaying and neutering helps animals live longer and healthier.

To enter the photo contest, my caregiver submitted this picture and wrote a few nice words about me. Help us get more votes by forwarding this message to other family and friends. If I’m one of the top 500 vote-getters, we’ll have a chance to win a fabulous prize. A panel of celebrity judges is also going to pick the best photo and essay and we’ll have a chance to win even more prizes.

If you’d like to enter your own pet in the contest, then please do—I can handle some friendly competition! And if you want to stay on top of how I am doing in the contest, visit the Find a Pet page and search for me by name.

Enter your pet in the contest and vote today. The contest ends on March 7, 2008.


he’s obviously gay…

Overheard on Sat afternoon….

I went to the library before I went to go workout b/c I forgot my treadmill book at home, & figured I could just pick up a copy of the same book there. (The library’s right next door to where I work out).

As I was entering la bibliothèque, there were 2 women leaving the building. One was in her 50’s & the other, in her 30’s. This is what I heard as I was passing them by:

Older lady: …. he had long blond hair. He was obviously gay.

Younger lady: mm-hmm.

Ah, yes… Obviously.

This made me laugh, b/c if I’m trying to think of a dude w/ long blond hair, I’m just thinking country, you know? Like, if I see a guy w/ really nice, polished shoes that has great fashion-sense, & maybe you can tell does a lil man-scaping, then yes, I would say they’re obviously gay. But most likely, w/ their fashion sense, they wouldn’t have long blond hair. They’d have their hair coiffed right!

Nw Yr’s Resolution: the shiny edition!

I know what’s been on all y’all’s minds for the last month & a half…. WHAT is D’s New Year’s Resolution this year???!?!!!?!

Well, the reason I never posted it is b/c I actually never even made my resolution. I’m being more conscious to look better. Like doing my hair (instead of just pulling it back), and I bought a few new cute outfits. Since the break-up, it’s really important for me to LIKE what I SEE in the mirror when I look at myself.

I bought a new mascara that I love, love, LOVE! My bff-Sparky recommended it to me, & now they started makin it in waterproof, so I’m all over it. But it’s not all over me… hahaha… I know, corny, but I crack myself up so it’s ok.

I know this has been the most fascinating post so far, huh?

Anyway, here’s my New Year’s Resolution this year (drum-roll~ da da da da da da daaaaa):
Yup, that’s right. I’m gonna make it a point to sparkle more. Whenever I go out. Here’s what I got so far towards my New Year’s resolution (ring on the left).

It’s a HUGE cocktail ring, Swarovski Crystal. Last summer, a gal I met had a set that looked similar to this (to the right), but it was all clear crystals. I couldn’t validate spending more than $150 on a ring right now. But I have to have something bright & pretty & shiny & sparkly; esp now that I can’t wear my sparkly diamond ring anymore.

So, I’m vowing to wear jewelry more now. I used to wear jewelry all the time in high school. I never left the house without a necklace & earrings on. But in college, I lost that, and now I rarely wear a necklace or earrings. But my resolution this year is to be more sparkly, so I plan to wear it often.

What better way to kick this off than to buy what my mom is referring to as a huge tacky/gaudy ring?

Next up? Well, Sparky emailed me a pic of a gorgeous ring she’s been eyeing (ring on left). And I went to the site & found THIS (yllw earrings)! I know, puuurrrtty. (these last two pics I’ve hyperlinked to the site where you can find them, so you too can look at purty, shiny, sparkly stuff!)

I’m channeling cantaloupes

Hi everyone. Yes, I’m still here. Sorry I’ve been all absent & stuff. Just a lot going on. I always have 10 days off work from just before Christmas to January 2nd every year, but guess what? This year, I spent much of that time all sick. Yuk.

That’s the worst; well, for me anyway. I’ve told y’all before how I’m super-busy at work from November to March. Like, so crazy busy I have NO time for anything. Well, I look forward all year to that lil break I get at the end of December so that I can have my normal life back, & of course this year, I was all sick for the entire period.

Also, major life-changing news in my life: Mr. T & I broke up. This really is life-changing. We weren’t just bf/gf; we were s’posed to get all married & stuff (this upcoming October). We’d been together for about half-a-decade. That’s a long time to be that close to a person. There really wasn’t anything we didn’t share with each other. So, it’s kinda weird when something happens & the person you normally tell that thing to just isn’t the person you can still tell it to.

Yes, I’m still ending sentences in prepositions. Oh, & talkin about ‘tions, I still haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet. Although in my defense, I’ve been sayin ‘yo’ more often than I’ve changed my underwear so far this year.

Yeah, I know… it’s hot.

Ok, so what else….? OH- Guess what comes along with a huge break-up? More hot-stuff… zits! Yeah, I’ve gotten one zit after another. And so now, I’ve got myself a binary-zit. That’s when 2 zits decide to orbit around each other. And lucky me, it’s right on my cheek!

I know…. hot.

I put up a pic of a cantaloupe, b/c I know that the FCC would fine me if I put up a pic of my binary zit. It’s about time for them to make an example of someone to keep us in line; & I just don’t have an extra $300,000 lying around, ya know?

So, I was thinking of my whole one zit after another complex I’m going through right now, & I thought of something. You know how everyone likes melons? No, seriously, there’s a melon out there for everyone. I myself LOVE all melon, but I think honeydews my fave. Santa Claus is cool too, but you have to be in the mood for it cause it’s so sweet. But I do love all melon.

Well, I was thinking of pick-up lines from guys (b/c all guys have them, & most are NOT creative). And thinking of melon. And it hit me! Why can’t a guy who loves melons (99.9% of guys) also love zits on chicks?

Like, why won’t a guy come up to me & be all like:

Damn girl! That sexy thing on yo face reminds me of cantaloupe, & I’ve gots ta get me sum cantaloupe! I just wanna lick it!

But nooooo, I’m not hearing that. Weird, huh?

Oh, & this post is dedicated to Jen, who’s been asking me for months to update. Holla!

couples’ costumes: yay or nay?

I know, I know, y’all are in a state of confusion once again. There’s an election coming up, the US has pushed around our daylight savings time*, you’re worried about ppl poisoning the Halloween candy.

And there’s even more Halloween controversy. Couples costumes: in or blech?

I’m here to help out & say that I def think that if you’re part of a couple, you should wear couple’s costumes. I’ll go even further & say that if you’re just part of a group trolling around downtown or whatever, you should get a group ensemble together. Like the Scooby Doo gang or something like that. Have I just dated myself?

Maybe this stems from my neurotic need to have consistency, but whatevs. I still think it’s cute to have things that go together.

You know, like peanut butter & ladies.

i ain’t mad at cha

It’s ok, Bron-Bron.

Betta late than neva, eh?


I’d like to just post the pic below that I’ve painted on & be done w/ it. But of course, I can’t. I have to say a lil sumptin-sumptin here. B/c I’m not one of those ppl who think that dude can’t support whoever he wants. He can.

HOWEVER, he CANNOT be disrespectful to the town that pays him. He’s OUR bitch, so to say. Cleveland welcomed him here from the ‘Kron, & Cleveland all donned “Witness” shirts. Um, remember the humongo poster on Ontario? Dude, you had everyone calling you “King James”.

Cleveland showed you some respect.

I couldn’t care less who you like. I don’t care what sports team, religion, or political party you support. We get it, we know you’re a bandwagon junkie, w/ your Bulls & Cowboys & Yanks. I don’t care about that.

I do care that you have everything to gain if any part of Cleveland does well. I was once a little surprised at what a good business-head you had on your shoulders. This is not a good business decision. You are a Cleveland icon; the Yankees cap is a huge logo, & we all know how much Clevelanders hate the Yankees.

You shouldn’t have worn the cap, you should’ta held it over your head, & you shouldn’ta gone on national television supporting the Yankees. You shoulda just came to the game in whatever normal clothes you wanted to wear (no logos) & just cheered for the Yanks if you wanted. Although, there really wasn’t much opportunity to do so last night, eh?

You were always a lil cocky, L. But I think you pushed it too far. You’re testing your city. Bottom line is that this isn’t a good business decision.

Here’s what you gotta do: Meet Braylon Edwards. Bray-boy went to Michigan, everyone knows that. He plays for our Brownies. So, at a Browns game, when the crowd started up the Ohio State “O-H-I-O” chant, he put his hands up & did it too.

“I was definitely doing it. This is Ohio. This is my residence. This is where I play football. This is where I earn my paycheck. This is the city I’ve adopted and the one that has adopted me. I don’t mind doing O-H-I-O. I don’t believe it just pertains to Ohio State.
Cleveland … is in Ohio.”

– Braylon Edwards

playas gonna play, & haters gonna hate

That’s just the way it is.

Here’s what James Black of Yahoo! Sports wrote:

Ugly uni alert: Apparently, there will be a weekly mention in this space of attire. Here’s hoping the references to hideous jerseys are kept to a minimum. A week after the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to take unis from three eras – bad, ugly and worse – and create a new look, their in-state rivals decided to upstage them. The Eagles rolled out a yellow and baby blue throwback ensemble so ugly that any further description won’t do justice. See for yourself.


I don’t know, I kinda like it. I mean, it’s supposed to be a tribute to what they used to have. Styles change. That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what came before. The ppl who played for their team before they came around used to wear those colors, & they’re just giving homage to that.

The only reason I even know about all this hating is b/c Mr. T is a huge Eagles fan. And I’m a big ole fashion fan. I also love wasting time online, & sooooo….

I’ve created this nifty slideshow using Flickr. And then I surfed the web until I found a way to embed it into my bl*g. Cause I’m cool like dat.

UPDATE: I thought the outfits were cute & colorful & happy-looking. Mr. T thought they were horrible.

do your pants hang low?

I’m sure all of you have heard about local governments across the nation banning the whole saggy pant trend that’s going around. Now, I’m all for going up to a kid with his (sorry, but they all seem to be boys) pants hanging low, smacking him upside the head, & telling him to pull his pants up.

But I don’t think any government should propose a law dictating what ppl can & can’t wear.

What if they found glitter offensive? It’s fine to not like a trend. I wasn’t crazy about the backwards overalls (a la Criss Cross); I don’t enjoy feathered teased hair. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like something, you can’t just ban it like that. That’s not the principle this nation is founded on.

See, if you could just go around fining & arresting ppl for whatever you don’t like (or is really wrong, but not illegal yet); I’d get fines out the wa-zoo for always ending sentences in prepositions.

Now… if they were to propose a voluntary task force of
… big men … who are dressed as women … who are also packin …
to go around & smack those boys w/ their pants hung low upside the head until they pull them up.

Well, I’d have no problem w/ that.

OH OH… WAIT… I just had a thought. What if maybe an evil genius scientist could also concoct a serum of some sort? So that when the big man in drag smacked the fashion-offending young lad, HE would then have something come over him. So that then, HE also felt compelled to dress as a woman (sans ‘packin’) & go around smacking others that were once like him upside the head TOO!

Or, is that going too far?

pimp me

Dear Xzibit,

It has come to my attention that my mySpace page is not properly customized. Well, I knew it before, but my BFF thinks that I should get on it. So, I’m writing to you. I need some expert help in this; & it’s either you or the Orange County Chopper dudes; you both know the importance of customizationizing stuff. And just b/t you & me, they’re a lil scary. Your gas crew is pretty cool & collected.

Here’s what my boring MySpace page looks like right now:

I know, boring, right? I prefer the term “drama-free”. I thought it was kinda special though… probably over 99% of all MySpace pages are customized & personalized & what-not. Right? So, that makes me diff, that mine’s all nothing. Nada.

Anyway, YES, I do know that you guys all pimp cars, not MySpace pages. BUT, don’t you have a brother/brotha who can maybe help me out? We both know the importance of a good pimp, & I know you knows ppls. I saw all the ppls you were talking to at that party a few weeks ago. The chicks were all OVER you!!! The dudes were all about you too; but I know how you feel about that, not too comfortable-like, so I won’t mention it. Remember when you busted out that rendition of the Stereo MCs ‘Connected’? That was really chill, man. You should’ve seen the look on some of the ppl’s faces when you did that. Priceless.

Anyway, I want it all customized-able, my MySpace. Ya hear? Whoever you get to do it can basically have all the artistic freedom they want. I’m pretty open to new, creative ideas. My only request is that you put a lil avatar of me on it. Now, here’s the thing… I want her to look like me. I know you can go to & get a lil avatar there for your page, but they don’t really look like me. Here are the two closest ones (on the right).

And here’s my Yahoo avatar:

I’m Indian, & there just aren’t that many Indian ones. Oh, & I have curly hair. I straighten it sometimes, but it is curly.

OH, & a couple things. You see my Yahoo avatar? She’s cute, isn’t she? Well, see, she’s got a lil sidekick dragon. I want my MySpace avatar (that changes clothes according to weather, remember) to have either a lil pink or lilac colored sidekick dragon. If you can have the guy pimping my MySpace to also make her puff lil clouds of smoke, that’d be pretty sa-wheeeeet! I know he’d/she’d be able to do flash stuff, so it’s gotta be totally do-able. Oh, & I want her to dress up & go out dancing on Friday nights. Can you change the music to dance music when she goes out?

Don’t forget, X, that I love me some gay-ass dance music; I’ve gotta have some ole Madonna & Pet Shop Boys (George Michael, you know how I do). In addition to all the reg dance music that most other ppl like. Oh, & Prince. You know how I love Prince.

Thanx, X~2~Z, you rock! Just have whoever you find to do my page to leave me a comment, & we’ll get going on it. I know you’ll find someone who can do it up right!