sleep with one eye open (dolphin edition)

dolphins sleep eye

Fact: Dolphins sleep with one half of their brain plus one eye closed, then switching to the other side of the brain and the other eye closed during other parts of the day — slowing down everything inside their bodies and moving very little.

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But I want to be disintegrated by fire

I’ve always known I’d be cremated.  It’s never even been a question.  I’m from India, we don’t bury our dead, we cremate them.  The physical body is no longer, & the soul is freed.  No biggie.

I think more & more ppl in the US are now cremating too.  I think it’s becoming more widely accepted everywhere.

But I just saw this note on Time Mag’s website:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When You’re Dead that read…

With something called “bio-cremation,” a liquid chemical is used to dissolve the body, no fire or global warming emissions necessary.

The LA Times reports on funeral homes and crematoria are trying to get bio-cremation, a.k.a. alkaline hydrolysis, legalized in California. The process is not only environmentally friendly, it costs about the same as standard cremation—which is a lot less expensive than a standard burial:

The average price to the consumer for alkaline hydrolysis is expected to be about $2,500, similar to prices charged for cremation by fire.

Either process is far below costs far less than the $7,500 cost for a conventional funeral and burial in a casket.

Here’s the deal. I understand that the fire causes more emissions. But for one thing, I love fire. Fire is cool. Well, hot. But you know what I mean. It’s enchanting.

I don’t want to be dissolved by chemicals. That’s like the “black oil” & that other crazy stuff from the X-Files. It’s the stuff scary tv shows & movies are made of.

I mean, I work consciously to recycle, save water, conserve energy. I think about every last thing I throw away. I just replaced my wiper blades & am looking up the best way to recycle, or give them to be re-used.

I mean, I’m going to be dead for cryin out loud. Can’t I just have that one thing & be burned?

Do your ppl even get your ashes if they use the chemicals? & fire is natural. Earth, water, & fire. There’s no mention of alkaline in that.