Why vote for Hillary Clinton?

hillary bamf1Update (8/13): it will likely come out to more than 90 reasons. Since I’m adding a new reason everyday, I’m sticking this post to the top of the page. For newer posts, scroll down. I’m also putting the date I added each, so it’s easier to spot the newer reasons.  😉

Hopefully this will answer the question, “Why should I vote for Hillary Clinton?”.

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Work time + B-12

It’s 8:57am. Someone just walked into work, and I looked at the clock and thought about how late they are. I get to work sometime between 7-8am. We don’t have set start time, 9-3 are observed business hours, so you’re just required to be there then; if you come to work that day.

For those of you that know me, you know this is a complete turn-around for me.

I had issues getting to work on time. I had a very strong work ethic, and worked like a donkey. But just had issues getting to work by even 9am. I was just too tired in the mornings. This might sound normal, because everyone feels like not getting out of bed in the morning. But it’s not that exactly for me. I’m tired in the morning, but I do feel like getting out of bed. I shower, get coffee, go to work. Then, around 3-5, when the coffee wears off, I start getting tired. I would be asleep by 10pm. So, it’s not that I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

I was just exhausted. All. The. Time.

Last year, I had a thought. I went to my doc for my annual blood work tests. I asked her to also test for my B-12 levels. She countered that no one checks for that, it’s not normal to test for it. But I insisted that I needed this test done. So, we did it.

Guess what? It turns out I have a B-12 deficiency! I started taking a B-Complex daily, and after just 2 weeks, I started feeling great!

It’s that moment when you realize that this must be how “normal” people must feel everyday!

I never knew that a person can just not be exhausted. That’s the only state of being that I ever was. I thought I needed more sleep. But it was an actual deficiency.

Point of this post is that every problem (even if you think it’s not a real problem), has a solution. And, talk to your doctor. Make sure you see your doc at least once a year, and actually DISCUSS your life/lifestyle/food/activities with them. Mention your concerns, and how you want to live your life.

Ok, now to talk about B-12 stuff. This is all stuff that I did not know a year ago, but I have done a lot of talking with others and research.

First is a little TMI, but it’s something no one ever tells you! When I started taking B-Complex, I was shocked that my urine was like neon yellow! Nobody tells you that this is going to happen. I was at work, and went to go pee. NBD. But I was concerned when I saw the vivid yellow urine in the toilet bowl! I’ve always known that your urine is supposed to be the faintest of canary yellow; that’s how you know you’re staying hydrated enough. But apparently, this was normal, for your urine to be that color, so don’t worry (like I did).

Second, this one’s very simple, but it’s just got complex words. There are 2 types of B-12: methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin. Let’s break it down; cobalamin just means B-12. The prefixes are the different types. Cyanocobalamin is a man-made version containing some cyanide. It’s allowed because the amount of poisonous cyanide in it is so small and insignificant (according to the FDA), and your liver can process it. I decided that’s not for me (or my parents, so I buy their B-complex myself and have it shipped to them). The other kind is methylcobalamin, which is the natural form of it. The best kind is raw, which is what I order for my dad. I get the Garden of Life brand for him; I get it from Vitacost, which I linked, and if you want to order from there, let me know. I’ll send you a referral and we both get $10 off!


NFL gets a pass

Wait. You’re telling me that an NFL player is benched for a YEAR for having some pot. But the 6’4″, 281 lb NFL player who was slamming his girlfriend against the wall, beating her, choking her, and dragging her across the floor has gotten NO type of condemnation from the NFL?

greg hardy

But there’s no war on women in this country. No disrespect. No rape culture. Everything’s fine. #EyesWideShut

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ppl need ppl

I walked into work this morn. Before I even got to my office, I was told “OMG, Did you know Corey Haim died?!?!” To which I answered “Was it a drug overdose?”. She said “yeah”.

“Eh” was all I could answer.

What a cliché. I hate to say it, but c’mon ppl.

Don’t these ppl have ppl? I mean, I know I have more than enough ppl who butt into voice their concerns about my life. They’re called friends & family. & I’ve got a huuuuge family.

Someone had to have known there were probs.

This brings me to the ‘Precious’ girl. I’m glad she’s comfortable w/ herself. Props to her for loving herself & her confidence is a strong force. She should love herself; she’s a talented young lady.

However, she’s got to have family that should be concerned about her health. It’s one thing to be a bit overweight. But I think she’s obese, which means health probs. Plus, she’s black, so the likelihood of her having or developing diabetes is great. Not to mention high cholesterol & blood pressure.

Not pressure her, but encourage her. Remember, I believe in moving towards something, not away from something. But I think she’s got the right attitude. Here’s something she did say:

“I love the way I look. I’m fine with it. And if my body changes, I’ll be fine with that.”

So, I respect that she understands that loving herself is not related to the physical, but rather to who she is as a person. But at the same time, I want her to not have what ends up being stupid/silly complications that wouldn’t have disrupted her life if she’d monitor her blood sugar, or cholesterol level.

I’m not really upset w/ Gabby Sidibe.

I’m just sick of ppl not being there for other ppl.

When I see a kid riding shotgun w/ no seat belt, it infuriates me. That kid HAS their own person to watch over them, & they still aren’t doing it! We are a societal group. Meant to be social creatures.

Update (6/19/2010) – Related Article:
I just found this post on Gabby as I was browsing the blog of @blackconseco.

sickness & airline travel

Ok, so I’ve been sick. Like really, really sick.

I’ve been so excited this past month. Randomly, one night about a month ago, I found a place. An awesome place. The top half of a house across from the lake. Half a front porch, other half is a sunroom. Working fireplace. Real wood everywhere (that hasn’t been painted over a million times). Beveled glass. Built-in sideboard & shelving, framing a sitting area in the dining room w/ windows. Just gorgeous. Plus, room in the basement for a treadmill.

The day we moved, on Sat, I started coughing. Well, on Sunday, the coughing became non-stop. & painful. Oh so painful.

It got to be way too much on Monday, & I went to see a doctor. They tested me for the regular flu & did a chest x-ray cause they thought I had pneumonia. I waited 5 days for the results; turned out to be bronchitis. Oh, it was so horrible though.

I was barely semi-covered, when I had to travel the next week.

The doc gave me meds, cough syrup w/ codeine & a z-pack (antibiotics), that he said should have me better in 5 days. Well, that Monday coming up, I was supposed to speak to dozens of ppl in Boston, & on Tuesday, to hundreds in NYC.

I knew I was still too sick to actually do this trip, so I tried calling the airline. I told them how sick I’d been & that the doc thought I might have the flu &/or pneumonia (we hadn’t gotten the results back yet then). I just wanted to change the name on the ticket I paid $360 dollars for to that of my co-worker. They wouldn’t have it. They offered me a voucher for travel in the coming year. I checked prices, & it woulda cost over $700 if we re-booked new tix for the same flights in her name. So, that was no consolation.

I told the airlines that Barack would def NOT approve of their basically telling a very sick person that they would have to be in a contained space w/ hundreds of other Americans.

They didn’t seem worried about it.

They could hear me wheezing & coughing. I spoke w/ about 4 or 5 different ppl in their customer service. Customer Service. HA!

Well, I ended up going. I downed tea like a champ the whole time. It was the only thing keeping me from coughing. In NYC, the guy at the corner pizza place looked at me weird when I asked for some hot water in a to-go cup. I told him to just charge me for tea or coffee, & he seemed to have such a prob comprehending that I just wanted to use my own decaf green tea instead of their stuff. I balanced 3 to-go cups of tea on the subway, w/ my work bag & my purse. Got shot dirty looks from others on the train everytime I coughed. Like I was some deviant.

Ugh. I can’t believe how difficult ppl make it to be sick. It’s not like anyone wants to be sick. & EVERYONE’s been sick. So, shouldn’t they empathize & maybe cut others some slack?!?

Really, US Airways? You couldn’t just change the name on the ticket so I didn’t have to go through all that?

drunken food post

Ok, so whilst on the internet today, I saw this:

w/out the dark choc on the left, w/ on the right
w/out the dark choc on the left, w/ on the right

It’s Drunken Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly Squares with Dark Chocolate. Yeah. The pic links to the recipe.

While we’re talkin alcohol & food together, I should mention one of my dear friends. She makes the most amazing rum cake. You should know this before I go into one of my Real-life conversations.

We’re at Lucky’s, a bit early to meet friends for Sunday Brunch. We went earlier to stop at the farmer’s market prior to Brunch. So, while ordering coffee to sip until the other gals got there…..

moi: you know I had some Jamaican coffee recently, it was de-li-cious! I wonder if they have any here?

mon amie: Jamaican coffee? Does it have rum in it?

moi: [giggling] no, it’s just imported from there.

mon amie: oh… cause if it had rum in it, I’d probably like it too.

I do love my friends. They make me smile.

btw, the Jamaican coffee I had was from Arabica (I think that’s a national chain) & it was called “Jamaican Me Crazy”. heehee.

my life as a fairy-tale*, & fairy-tale randomness

*obviously not a happy fairy tale, but a morbid, sad one.

I’m going to my parent’s house tonight. It feels like I haven’t been there in a while; & I know my ma wants to see me. She’d gotten used to seeing me 2-3 times a week. & now that I’ve moved to the east-side, she’s only seen me twice in the last month (both times cause I had to go home to take care of my taxes).

Plus, I get my sunglasses back. I left them there a week ago when I went to do my taxes; & of course it’s been sunny everyday since, even on the rain-days.

Which brings me to the reason for this post… I’ve been leaving things everywhere.

I left my sunglasses at my parent’s house. Left my lil pill bottle (with Advil, Tylenol, etc.) at Mr. T’s house. Lost my black cosmetics case who knows where?!!? I guess I’ll hunt around when I’m at my parent’s tonight, but can’t imagine where else it can possibly be.

If it’s not there, I’m just afraid I might have been at a counter somewhere, & pulled it to set on the counter while I got my wallet out to pay. Then, just forgot to put it back in. I kept everything I always need with me in that black cosmetic case. B/c I change purses so often, I just keep everything in that or in my wallet. Then, when swapping bags, I just need to grab 2 things outta one & into the other.

Bing-Bam-Boom. Done.

But I’ve obviously just been leaving things everywhere. It makes me wonder if I’m subconsciously leaving all these lost objects here & there like a trail for me to go back to; like in Hansel & Gretel 😉


In other fairy-tale news, I really wanna go see Penelope. One of my MySpace friends** saw it & I asked her if she just loved it; of course she did & said I would too. Actually, what she said was that she’d seen it 3 times & that all women who value fairy-tales should see it. Um…. that’s totally ME!

**I call her my MySpace friend b/c although I’ve hung out with her before in real life, I’ve had more conversations with her via MySpace than in real life. I think I had her phone number at one point, but not anymore, so I think MySpace really is the only way I can even contact her directly.


I do love fairy tales. It’s weird that I can’t really watch horror movies or read like Stephen King books or anything like that; but I’ll totally read the most horrifying fairy tales. Like the Brothers Grimm stuff? Or, some old Indian tales? Some of them are so vicious & violent.


The last tidbit of randomness for the day? I’ve had that song, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” from The Sound of Music running through my head all day today.

red flags & racial profiling

Ok, so I was reading this article this morn about what to do if you’re pulled over by a cop. And when you’re unlikely to get pulled over (in the rain or during rush hour).

And this is an actual screenshot of the article:
Um, did you catch the end there? This Mr. Barry was a cop in Texas for 8 yrs. They say he was the best in the state, maybe even the country. He worked w/ the FBI & the DEA, & had quite a reputation. He was like the suave one from Hot Fuzz. He recommends that you not try to be too ethnic. haha. “Think you can handle that?” “Sure, I’ll get right on that.”


OH- & speaking of Hot Fuzz, let me share w/ y’all yet another real life conversation I’ve had w/ Mr. T this week. So, Mr. T has a Playstation 2, & he’s ordered this shooter game he used to play & TWO guns to shoot w/. Mr. T used to have a Playstation 2 years ago, before the original xBox came out, then he traded it in w/ all his old games, & got an xBox. Now, he’s got both.

Mr. T: Sweet, the shooter game [he said the actual name of the game, but I forgot it] & the guns should be here by Monday! We’ll both be on the same team, shooting the enemies together. We’ll be working together, just like in Hot Fuzz. You’ll love it.
moi: Ok, but which one am I? I don’t want to be the dork who doesn’t even know how to do his job.
Mr. T: [doesn’t say anything; just leaves the room]

I think he’s planning on being the suave one (Nicholas Angel), & I’m gonna get stuck being the dork. sigh.


So, you remember when I told y’all about the Magically Mystery Brewery Tour that I was part of? Well, this month’s stop was supposed to be the Northfield Park Brewery. Being the dedicated individual that I am, I went to their website to do some research. I needed directions, but I like to investigate what types of beers they have so I can prepare for the night.

In particular, 2 brews they had jumped out at me:
WINNERS WHEAT LAGER – A refreshing, unfiltered lager for those who know how to pick ‘em! It is made with kiln-dried, malted Belgian wheat and accented with domestic barley and imported hops. Winners Wheat is brewed in the German tradition with a light body and a fruity aroma.


SILKS CREAM ALE – As smooth and crisp as a new set of silks! Made with Belgian malts and domestic hops, this beer is brewed for the American palate. The rich, creamy head accents the bright, golden ale. Silks Cream Ale is lightly carbonated and has a mild taste with a clean hop finish.

Now, I do love Belgium-style wheat beers (like Blue Moon, or Hoegaarden, & Chimay- but that’s not a wheat beir, I don’t think), so I knew I’d like the 1st one. And the 2nd one brings to mind A&W Cream Soda (I know, only b/c it has cream in the title), but it made me curious.

So, I get to the website, & at the top it says in all caps:



So, I shoot off an email to them to see how updated this site is. You know, maybe they’re back up & running. The email comes back to me as undeliverable. This is not a good sign.

Next step, I decide to call. Yes, I’m at work on Friday afternoon. But I had to scramble, the brewery stop was the following evening, & a mass # of ppls were going to head from all different directions for naught if I didn’t act fast*. I got this recording. Yes, that’s not unusual. Here’s the strange part…

Are you ready for this? (I can’t believe someone may still be reading this far down). The recording was a BRITISH WOMAN! Um, this is NE Ohio. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. But it was weird.

Turns out I did talk to a couple of ppl there, & we’re going to have to re-schedule our beer stop cause they closed down the microbrewery w/ no plans to re-open soon.

Am I a hero for finding this all out in the nick of time? Did I feel like a hero? Well, I don’t really buy into the whole labeling thing, but….

*This may be a slight exaggeration.