thx all the ppls who’ve cared

The US Supreme Court granted a stay in the case of Troy Davis while they consider his appeal.

All that’s fair is that they hold a trial & listen to what the 7 of the 9 witnesses who recanted their statements said.

One of the ones that didn’t is the other suspect (Sylvester Coles).

And there’s been new evidence in the case, including 3 new witnesses who say that Coles confessed to them (or in 1 case, was bragging) about killing the officer.

Anyway, all I’m hoping for now is a fair trial so that I can believe in my Justice System.


From the WTOC , Savannah, GA news:

Stay of execution granted for Troy Davis
Posted: Sep 23, 2008 05:22 PM
Updated: Sep 23, 2008 06:59 PM

JACKSON, GA (WTOC) – The US Supreme Court has granted a week-long stay of execution for Troy Anthony Davis just under two hours before he was scheduled to be put to death.

Davis is in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia where family and supporters gathered to protest the scheduled execution.

Davis’ sister Martina Correia knows it’s a long road, but says they’re not giving up.

“We still have to get the Supreme Court to hear the case and hear the arguments but I know if they will take this case that one day my brother will be vindicated and walk free,” she said. “I just want to pray for the victim’s family. I know that they’re hurting and everything but Troy is not guilty of this crime. We dishonor Officer MacPhail by killing Troy and I think that the Supreme Court showed us today there’s something going on when we’re rushing to execute somebody before they even have an opportunity to review the case.”

Activist reverend Al Sharpton led Davis’ supporters in prayer after they found out about the stay.

Members of MacPhail’s family also issued a statement after the stay was issued.

The US Supreme Court will review Davis’ request for an appeal on September 29.

displaced by the displaced

Well, it’s official. The homeless ppl are movin into my apt, & I’m out.

I thought I’d take a min to tell you about my old apt. It was the 2nd floor of a house that overlooked Edgewater Park & Lake Erie. I had a front balcony from the living room, so I spent a TON of time out there watching the beauty in front of me.

The trees, the lake, the greenery. The changing of the colors, & eventually, the snow shimmering down on it all. I remember one night recently, everyone woke up to everything being covered in this light, glittery snow.

Except me. Cause I was up & out on my balcony from 3:30 am watching it all come down, flake by flake. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I was just up & went out there to watch it come down. It wasn’t freezing cold, so my down jacket (hat & gloves) kept me toasty warm.

I’m gonna miss that.

It was hardwood flooring, w/ real woodwork & trim everywhere. There were some built-in shelves w/ these delicate glass doors on them (to keep out dust). And the glass was BEVELED! In the dining room, there was a lil sitting area under the windows, & shelves underneath. 2 nice-sized bedrooms.

It’s fine though. Everything happens for a reason. I’m about to move to the East-side, just to the top of the hill at Little Italy. I’ve only ever lived on the West-side (over 20-odd years). Maybe I need to be away from everything I’ve ever known for a while.

Evicted by the homeless

Ok, so maybe I do tend to exaggerate sometimes. Whatev.

Here’s the deallio. I was thinking of moving into a 2-bedroom place with someone, so I told mees* landlord that I’d be moving on out. I love my place, but just can’t afford to live there alone, so I’m moving in with someone so that I can afford to also pay for other stuff than just rent. (my landlord doesn’t allow pets, hence lookin for a new place).

[*mees is Irish for my. I figured since St. Patty’s day is upon us…]

Well, we were in a time crunch b/c we needed to find a place by next Friday. She had a backup plan, but we were really hoping to live together. I’d been searchin, but just couldn’t find a decent place.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….
My landlord had made an appointment with this couple to show them my apt on Sat. But because of the snow-storm, they ended up canceling. They re-scheduled to Tuesday, but cancelled that as well b/c the woman had fell during the snow-storm & had what my landlord called a “medical emergency”. (In quotes, b/c I think he’s exaggerating).

Yesterday, b/c of the time crunch we’re under, my friend & I decide to forget about finding a new place together. She’s just gonna go with her back-up, & I’m gonna stay at my place. Maybe look for a new roommate to move in with me.

So, I call my landlord to tell him not to show the house, that I’m stayin. I figured it was FATE that no one got to see the place yet.

He pauses & sighs & then tells me that he feels that he should give these ppl 1st dibbs on my apt! I’m like, “WHAT!?!??”, can’t you just tell them that I’m staying so it’s not available anymore? He continues & says “Well, the thing is that they had to cancel b/c of the storm & then a medical emergency”. I didn’t think this was a valid reason, b/c I re-scheduled seeing a 2-bedroom, 2-bath (with a Jacuzzi!), & 2 car garage house b/c of the storm, & 2 hours before going to see it, the dude called me up & left me a voicemail not to bother b/c someone just signed a lease!

So, I figured that was acceptable Modus Operandi for landlordy-ppl.

He simply hems & haws some more, & eventually tells me that he never listed the place b/c he had set this up with this couple, & uh…. they’re HOMELESS!!!!

uh….. WHAT!?!??!!??

“Yeah,” he says, “I was talking to this couple & they were telling me that they were looking for a place, & I described the place that you have & that it was about to be available, & they said they DEFINITELY want it. They were just going to look at it first, but they said they definitely wanted to take it. They’re even willing to pay more rent for it than you pay now.”

Let me tell you, I just love that my landlord doesn’t care about credit checks. He doesn’t believe in them, he says, so he only does criminal history checks. Uh…. maybe that’s why I’m the only tenant he has that pays rent on time.

So, hopefully, soon I find out if these ppl are definitely gonna take my place. Once they see it to confirm with him. I do have a friend I’m going to move in with if they take it. My friend’s got like a 4-bedroom house, with 3 empty rooms (soon). So, I’ll live there.

B/c it’s just bad karma to hope that a homeless couple don’t get your apt.

Isn’t it?

jena conviction overturned

I know you guys all have the Jena situation alive in your heads. I’m sure you all were as pleased as I when we heard that the state appeals court overturned the felony conviction for Mychal Bell.

He was tried as an adult originally even though he was just 16 when the assault happened. I’m not sure what will happen next; that’ll be determined this week. Likely, he’ll be re-tried as a juvenile (which is what shoula happened in the 1st place). It’s not like re-trying him will cost more money in court/legal fees. Oh wait, yes it will.

It sucks that all this happened; & that it took so long for anything to happen. I think everyone who’s signed the petition (see previous post), & all the ppl who’ve traveled down there, or blogged about it, or even just brought it up & talked about it have helped bring about some change. It makes me re-affirm my faith in our ppl.

Here’s something I’m not too sure about… Maybe you’ve all heard that there’s going to be a rally in Jena, LA this coming Thursday. Expected numbers are anywhere from 5,000 to 35,000 ppl to attend.

One of those ppl is Al Sharpton. Y’all know Rev. Al, right? Here’s the thing, all the ppl on the side of the Jena 6 believe that Al’s coming to help them. But I believe that Al only does things that help HIMSELF. I don’t think he’s doing this (or has done anything else) out of the goodness of his own heart. I think he’s his own publicity machine. I think he only cares about what this situation can do for him.

There are thousands of others that are leaving their work behind & paying their own way to go to Jena. Rev. Al’s doing it as part of his work, & will def collect from it.

I guess it’s all whatever though. I mean, he will bring publicity to it all; he won’t be ignored, that’s for sure. So, I guess this situation can use all the ppl (self-serving or not) it can get.

red flags & racial profiling

Ok, so I was reading this article this morn about what to do if you’re pulled over by a cop. And when you’re unlikely to get pulled over (in the rain or during rush hour).

And this is an actual screenshot of the article:
Um, did you catch the end there? This Mr. Barry was a cop in Texas for 8 yrs. They say he was the best in the state, maybe even the country. He worked w/ the FBI & the DEA, & had quite a reputation. He was like the suave one from Hot Fuzz. He recommends that you not try to be too ethnic. haha. “Think you can handle that?” “Sure, I’ll get right on that.”


OH- & speaking of Hot Fuzz, let me share w/ y’all yet another real life conversation I’ve had w/ Mr. T this week. So, Mr. T has a Playstation 2, & he’s ordered this shooter game he used to play & TWO guns to shoot w/. Mr. T used to have a Playstation 2 years ago, before the original xBox came out, then he traded it in w/ all his old games, & got an xBox. Now, he’s got both.

Mr. T: Sweet, the shooter game [he said the actual name of the game, but I forgot it] & the guns should be here by Monday! We’ll both be on the same team, shooting the enemies together. We’ll be working together, just like in Hot Fuzz. You’ll love it.
moi: Ok, but which one am I? I don’t want to be the dork who doesn’t even know how to do his job.
Mr. T: [doesn’t say anything; just leaves the room]

I think he’s planning on being the suave one (Nicholas Angel), & I’m gonna get stuck being the dork. sigh.

Person of the Week: Any & all children affected by war

This is lil Fatima Jbouri, a 10-month old survivor of war. A death squad in Saydia (a war-ravaged suburb of Baghdad) raided her home, killed her mother & uncle, then left her for dead in the garbage out back. In 118 degree heat. Under a metal sheet. Her 7-yr old brother flagged down the Iraqi police, they gave her to US soldiers, & the pic you see is of her being held by US military at a combat support hospital in the green zone.

They say she most likely would never have survived in an Iraqi hospital. She has a Shi’ite name of Fatima and a Sunni name of Jbouri. Moqtada al-Sadr controls the health ministry/hospitals; he believes in the “ethnic cleansing of Sunnis”, & most likely she would have died before receiving any treatment.

Eventually, she’ll be re-united with her 5 brothers & sisters who are in an orphanage. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I mean, most orphanages (esp in some other countries) aren’t all that; if ya know what I mean. If she does go on into hiding with her Shi’ite relatives in the south, who knows what happens then. I mean, we’re still talking about her being in hiding in a hostile environment.

She was featured on World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson, Monday night. That’s when I 1st saw her. But I got to thinking about all the kids that we don’t hear of b/c they were found in the trash dead. Or just thrown around somewhere. All the kids that grow up in war-torn countries; if they’re lucky to survive. And some would prob rather not have survived all the atrocities they’d witnessed.

And I def don’t want to leave out the kids here in the States. The ones who’s mommies & daddies went off to serve us. Sure, they are told that their parents love them; even by the parents who are overseas themselves. But it’s just not the same, not having them there.

Search for stories on Fatima Jbouri.

there’s another hurricane brewin in Louisiana

Do you guys remember the story of Hurricane? Mr. Rubin Carter? I know a lot of you have prob seen the movie (w/ Denzel). I’ve never seen the movie. I know the story b/c I’m a big Dylan fan. One of my fave songs is “Hurricane”; if you’ve never heard it, please do yourself a favor & listen to it. It will give you chills; it still gives me chills & I listen to it all the time.

Here’s a synopsis: Rubin Carter was unjustly imprisoned for 2 consecutive life terms by an all-white jury. He was charged w/ a triple murder; one of the victims, on his death bed told the police that Carter was not the right man. But 2 robbers, who were also in a lot of heat testified against him. That year was 1967.

1967 folks. 1967.

Dylan wrote “Hurricane” to raise awareness for Rubin Carter (in ’75, after Carter had sent him a copy of his autobio, The Sixteenth Round which he wrote while locked up). On February 9th, 1976, Carter was sentence to 2 consecutive life terms (this was his 2nd trial; which they had fought for). Dylan never performed Hurricane live since that happened (last live performance of the song was January 25th 1976 in Houston). It wasn’t until November 1985 that he was released on parole, & 1988 that the original indictments were dismissed.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because it’s 2007, ppl, & we should NOT be dealing with stuff like this in 2007. Or, at all in my lifetime, & I’ve been around for a lil bit now.

But if you haven’t heard about Jena 6, please go to the Color of Change website & read about it. Print the letter to fax or email it. They also give you the option of writing out your own note. I did opt to do that b/c I figured (hopefully) they’re gonna get thousands of letters from everywhere. There is HUGE media coverage about what’s going on in Jena, LA globally (China, France, England). It’s unfortunate that the national coverage isn’t as much as it is overseas. What the world must think of the big, bad, ole US of A, huh?

To read more, you should also check out Aquababie’s and/or V’s sites. They’ve put up very thoughtful, in-depth posts; much more so than I have.

So, please go to the website, & send a letter. You can also sign up to stand with the families if you will be in the area from July 31st to mid-August.

Sign the letter – Color of
Sign the online petition asking for the US Department of Justice to get involved

There is also a man named Michael David Murphy who went to Jena, LA & took pictures & has a photo journal; he’s got two sites w/ pics & links: & While Seated.

I’ve also posted the lyrics to Hurricane below in it’s own special post.

some men are mean

I know many of you have already heard this story.

I don’t want to harp on it, b/c I do feel like I’ve done nothing but post about cops lately. I wanna add that esp in this case, I don’t think it had anything to do with the pressure of being a cop. I think this is just a bad guy. A truly bad person. You know how Mother Theresa was a truly good person? Well, this dude is completely 180° in the opposite direction, bad person.

The video below is of a 12-year veteran of the Chicago police department, Anthony Abbate, beating down a Chi-town bartender. Let’s note a couple of things before you watch the video:

– Anthony is 250 lbs to the female bartender’s 115 lbs. Now, I’m not saying that if he was smaller or she was bigger, that this would make this any better; b/c it wouldn’t.
– Also, I have to note that if you just found my blog & are under 18, you are not to watch the video. In fact, I really don’t want anyone under 18 reading my blog anyway. Sorry to be that way, but that’s just how it is.
– I’d also like to note something the Police Superintendent Phil Cline said. He said “He’s tarnished our image worse than anybody else in the history of the department”.

That last statement means that the upper-level police enforcement think that this was a horrible thing. I mean, more horrible than back in the day when Capone had the Chicago police in his pocket. So, if upper-level management ppl thought this was so bad, then why did it a month for the police to arrest him? Did they not know where one of their own was? Did they not see him on a regular basis?

I think this is the part that worries me the most. The lackadaisicality [yes, I’m making that a word] of us with some ppl. I mean, look at our society!? For certain ppl, we let things slide. Now, I’m not gonna mention some obvious cases; but look at all the celebs lately who’ve had drunk driving accidents, a couple of which have left innocent victims dead. They’ve gotten little more than a slap on the wrist. I’m not even gonna mention them all, b/c I can think of 5 off the top of my head, but I know there’s been way more than that.

Again, before you watch the video, I want to warn you that it’s not nice. You may not even want to watch it, & that’s fine. You can click on the link above to the related news articles & just read about it instead. Also, I want to reiterate that I think this is more a reflection on this person as a person, & not on the Chicago police. Although I do maintain that I think it’s sketchy that they waited a month to do anything about it. Did I mention that there are also allegations that this Anthony Abbate & at least one other person threatened the bartender to keep her from pressing charges. Um, did you catch the part that said “at least one other person”? Do you mean there may have been a whole gaggle of them?!

I just want to say that I’m just really upset about this right now. I don’t want to post these stories; I just feel a moral obligation to do so. I feel like I need to make sure others know in case they didn’t already hear about it. And even hear about it again if they have already heard.


Hi. You know the times I’ve complained about police brutality?

I’m not against cops. I think they have an extremely dangerous (read: scary) job. I know the majority of them are great, great, great ppl. They are fathers & brothers & uncles & friends. They are the ppl in your neighborhood; they ppl that you see each day.*

*yes, I know that was corny. But if you know me at all, you know that deep down inside me is not a soft nougat-y center, it’s all corn yo.

But if there is a cop that gets all worked up, here is why he/she may have reason to feel that way. This is an article about 2 separate incidents that happened on the same night, an hour & just a couple of miles apart.

I actually started writing this post yesterday, & was distracted & eventually forgot to post it. Anyway, so then today, I wake up & hear about THIS. More craziness.

So, I just wanna say that when I write about crazy cops, it’s not that I’m singling out the cops. I’m singling out the crazies. I just don’t like it when things get carried away, & all out of hand. You know these ppl who are this way? Where they get so out of control. I don’t care if they’re hoodlums, or cops, or a disgruntled employee, or whomever. Don’t they have ppl? You know what I’m talking about? Like I have ppl in my life that will keep me in check; I call them my sisters. If I’m doing something they think is going to lead to something bad, they will def call me out on it. I have a couple of close friends & I have Mr. T. If I’m feeling down, they’ll notice & try to help.

Where are the ppl? Everyone has ppl in their life. Even if they don’t reach out to them. Those ppl should notice & respond accordingly. I think that we are just so apathetic sometimes. I remember studying about diffusion of responsibility; & the woman who got stabbed in NYC while a dozen ppl heard her cries for help & didn’t think to do anything b/c they thought someone else would. I think we all have a personal responsibility to say or do something, anything, if we think it could help.

I was at a college fair held for high schoolers recently, & the family (mother/daughter team) next to me were going from table to table asking each school if they had a musical theatre program. I know it was none of my business, but I went up to the mother, & admitted that I had overheard her last conversation & mentioned a school in Chicago that I knew of that had a really great program (that school was not at that particular fair). Today, I went to the mailroom in our building & saw that they had these pretty flowers in a vase. But the water was getting contaminated b/c there were leaves under the water. So, I mentioned that if she stripped the leaves off the part of the stem that’s underwater, the flowers would last a week longer. Now, maybe (read: probably) I do butt into a lot of things that really don’t concern me. But this is just how I am; I’ve come to terms with it.

Maybe I need to come to terms with ppl not caring. ~sigh~

more police brutality

Or, How the Cops killed Cindy Lou Who

I’ld like to say that I’m not one to harp on a subject, but I am. I know you guys have already seen this story about the NYPD firing 50 shots at 3 men?

The guy they killed was to get married that day in a few hours. They shot & wounded his 2 friends. One was shot 3 times & the other 11 times.

Now if all this doesn’t bother you enough, there’s more. The guy they shot 3 times; one of the shots went into his hand. Now, after shooting these guys, the one in his hand, they put handcuffs on these wounded guys as they were taking them to the emergency room of the hospital.

Ok, here’s the other thing. If I were of the position that I didn’t care what line the cops crossed to protect society. Which of course, you all already know that I think that a lot of ppl in authority tend to abuse their power. But say I thought that it’s totally ok for 5 of the 7 cops present to open fire & shoot off FIFTY bullets at 3 unarmed men. Say I thought that this is how all cops in all cities should be. Let that be a lesson to the criminals, right? Well, how about the fact that only 21 of the 50 bullets actually hit the car that the 3 unarmed guys were in?

I don’t know about y’all, but cars are pretty big, & I would think that if you give a dude a gun to protect me, then hopefully their aim would be a lil better than that. I mean seriously ppl. More than HALF of the bullets were then stray bullets that coulda hit lil Cindy-Lou-Who whose dad was dropping her off at her mom’s house after spending her weekend w/ daddy (since she’s from a broken home). Now, Cindy-Lou-Who (who is having a hard enough time after re-locating from Whoville, & now is trying to cope w/ the huge custody battle from the divorce) is now laying in a hospital bed fighting for her life cause she got hit from one of the bullets that the police (who were supposed to be protecting her) accidentally hit her w/.