see? it’s not just you

I’ve been really busy. No, really.


See? 104 other requests. No, I haven’t clicked on it to see what they are yet. I’m kinda scared to; I’m kind of a scaredy cat, & fb is always asking me do install some app or another, & Fernie just got over a virus in December that took me hours & hours (& hours!) to clear him of.

I love my job, & I am amazingly good at it. Like, unbelievably good. Like clairvoyance good. & it feels good to be really competent & good at something.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much else. But my busy time is winding down. So, I’m sure I’ll have something to talk about soon.

Although, I have to say, I see that lil tag cloud down there, & the “complaints/hating” is so big. I have this friend who is just so incredibly bright. I mean bright in both aspects. Like clever/intelligent, but really really bright, like the sun-bright. This gal sees so much positive, & recently it made me notice how negative I can be on stuff.

This is one of the reasons I stopped blogging. B/c I saw how big that particular category in the cloud was getting. I thought “How could I be such a hater?”. So, I w/drew for a while. But then, I thought about why that category in the cloud was so big.

I know that cloud is just going to get bigger, b/c this is my outlet so that I can stay positive on life. I can’t help it that marriage isn’t an equal right. I can’t help it that ppl aren’t getting a fair trial; or that the International Criminal Court is ignoring genocide.

But I will continue to try to help it. So, I know it’s just going to get bigger. B/c I have to talk about that stuff here; or else what? I become Debbie Downer in life? & the more I talk about it here, the more searchable it is for someone else who wants to hear about it. I try to always be informative & offer links to help the cause whenever I complain about something I think it wrong.

But I am back.

Winter Break

So, I’ve been on Winter Vaca for the last 2 weeks. My goals for this Break? To work on my résumé, & scan/upload old pix. I wanted to scan ALL our old family pix; some as old as 40 or more years. I also wanted to just do some of my old fun pix from before I had a digital camera. Now that I can share those online; you couldn’t do that in the 80’s & 90’s!

Anyway, I got nuttin done. But I had a great time!! & had such a busy fun Break!

Here’s just the last couple days….

You need to know that my sis flew in from WI on Xmas day, & we’ve both been staying at my parent’s w/ my bro since then.

On Thurs, we all (us siblings) chipped in & bought my parents a HUGE tv. I’m not exactly sure that they’re called tvs anymore. I’m pretty sure this thing isn’t called a tv, but I don’t know the new lingo. We had fam friends over for din-din, & so were up really, really late. My parents went to bed around midnight, so I got to work on this sugar-free dessert (my mom’s diabetic). Was up til 3 am doing this; then sealed it, & hid it in my car’s trunk.

On Fri, we found out that the tv may or may not be delivered in the next 24 hours, so we got to work on my parent’s entertainment center. This thing weighs like 300 lbs, it’s huge, & needed to be cleaned out. We were working on it all day, & planning on going out to din for my mom’s b-day that night. My mom’s b-day is actually Dec. 20th; my parent’s went to see the new Bond movie & the next week they went out to din w/ my bro. But my mom lives for us kids, so to her, it’s not really a b-day party unless we’re all there. So, I went out & snuck the dessert from my car to their car before we left for din. We got to din, & surprised my mom w/ my other sister meeting us there w/ her hubby!!! She was floored! Then, of course, the dessert that was snuck in (we had grabbed their valet key so we could sneak the cake from the car to the restaurant after being seated).

Sat was tough to wake up since we were all up til 4 am talking the night before. But we had to get up at 9 am for an old fam friend’s engagement party. We’ve known the girls since I was 5 years old. The older sis is married, has a new baby (8 mos.), & livin in Seattle. The younger sis lives in LA, & her & her fiancé had their engagement party here. So, fun times last night too.

That’s just the last couple of days, we’ve been running around doing stuff for the last 2 weeks!

Now, I’m so exhausted, & so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I think I can go back as early as Wed, if nec, but would really appreciate not having to go in till Thurs. Wish someone could just snap their fingers & arrange that.

I fleet, I float, I fleetly flee I fly…

I do love the Sound of Music. It’s the greatest movie ever. EV-ER.

No, that’s not opinion. It’s just fact.

Anyway, been super-busy lately, so I’ve had no time. But I didn’t want to neglect my bl*g, so I thought I’d share my tweets w/ cha.


Reminding y’all that today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Try to be peaceful today, ‘kay? 3 minutes ago from web

To the homeschooling hippies w/ the 6 kids: It is NOT cute to give your daughters boy’s names. It just confuses ppl. about 22 hours ago from web

mmmm…. coffee. 11:35 AM October 01, 2008 from web

Just saw Marc Norton gettin out of the car. (In front of his furniture store, of course) 09:29 AM September 30, 2008 from txt

Are RTA buses allowed 2 go through red lights? 05:42 PM September 29, 2008 from txt

Seriously? The one game this season I decide not to watch, & the Brownies actually won? Fine then! 05:22 PM September 28, 2008 from web

@FrankGumola um…. unless NP means Not Posh, & you’re saying you don’t like it. I sometimes don’t understand you comp-savvy ppl. 05:01 PM September 28, 2008 from web in reply to FrankGumola

@FrankGumola Frankie, we should totally have some song swappin time. I have a limited edition 5-disc set of Sound & Vision!! 05:00 PM September 28, 2008 from web in reply to FrankGumola

@DVDQuotes Wayne’s World, baby! 04:14 PM September 28, 2008 from web in reply to DVDQuotes

Trying to clean my apt on a beautiful sunny day. Not workin so great. 03:49 PM September 28, 2008 from web

sorry, NY & Co. Spent too much $ on a handbag today @ dept. store to “take advantage” of your $ saving offer email. 05:27 PM September 27, 2008 from web

@ohiocitytim I’m headin to Brother’s tonight to see the members from Outlet & Sultans of Bing do a special set. They go on at 9pm. 06:49 PM September 26, 2008 from web in reply to ohiocitytim

Stupid BCBG ostrich feathered clutch in InStyle mag. (only if faux feathers tho, of course). 06:10 PM September 26, 2008 from txt

WAHAT!? There’s deleted scenes from the Office season premiere last night? Oh, I’m so there. (tomorrow, of course.) 04:00 PM September 26, 2008 from web

2 Fancy Giant Eagle cashier: u have only 1 job, smile & ask 4 my card. I can’t b expected 2 look fab AND remember card. 06:50 PM September 25, 2008 from txt

the lip balm gave it away, folks….. 02:39 PM September 25, 2008 from web

maaaaannnn….. we are in some deep financial doo-doo. 09:14 PM September 24, 2008 from txt

There’s bad things goin on in the world. Bad things I say. 11:40 AM September 23, 2008 from web

Pls go 2 & click through 2 sign the petition/send a letter. They want to execute dude 2morrow just 2 end case!!! 07:06 PM September 22, 2008 from web

I’m think I’m going to try to start pronouncing schedule, “shed ule”. You know, all British-pretentious like. 11:52 AM September 22, 2008 from web

part of the dust

So, this move over just means more work for me for a while.

I have to find all my old posts that link to myself. Like, if I’m telling a story that links back to an older story I’d told. And then fix them so that they link to the story on SweetSunshower instead of the old blogger link. Cause that’ll just redirect to the home page here. There’s over 50 of those.

There were also a TON of uncategorized posts; cause I didn’t start categorizing til early 2007 I think. I just went through most of them. Only have 34 left now.

And I condensed a lot of categories. Like fashion/style is one now, as is art/arch. Got rid of some categories altogether, like “Frank Gehry” or “John Galiano”.

Just doin some clean-up. I do have some pix I’m dying to share via the password-protect, & trust me, you gonna wanna see them! But I can’t remember the “safe place” I put my camera so I would have easy access to it when I got to my new place. Figures.

me & my cultured self

Ah, yes…. What have I been up to? Well, being the east-sider that I am now, last week I went to an orchestra concert AND the opera.

Yeah, ya heard me.

The orch concert was amazing; there’s nothing quite like hearing a full orchestra live in a great hall. That was Wed night. Then, Sat night, I went to see La Bohème at Playhouse Square downtown. Just us gals went; there were supposed to be 6 ladies, but 2 had to back out.

By the time the lights went up for the 2nd intermission, I was just bawling. We had to go out to get tissues b/c 2 of us were just in tears. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara, no?

Tomorrow night, one of my fabulous friends arranged for all of us to go see John Caparulo at Playhouse Square. My friends are really the best! We are going to be in the 2nd row for a show that’s being taped to dvd for Comedy Central?!?!!? Are you kiddin me? I just love my friends.

Not for that, per se, but b/c they really are great. I’ve been a Ms. Cranky-Pissy-pants lately, & they’ve dealt with me accordingly.

I’m also excited that we’re going to Bricco before the show. They just opened it up here, across the street from Playhouse Square, & I was there just last Sat after the girls & I left the opera. It’s totally fab, so I can’t wait!

operas & parties

I haven’t been posting because I didn’t want to bore all of yous guys with my mundane life. But I’ve got nuttin else to say, so here we go….

I’ve been pretty busy (too busy to post, as you all know). You might remember my mentioning it in past years, but I’ve just gone through my busy season at work. I’ve put in 11-hour days on most Sundays & some Mondays for the last 2 months. But now, I’m free.

I’m looking for a new apt, so a lot of time is used up doing that. So far, nothing good. By “good”, I mean a place with 2 bedrooms, where you can actually fit a full-sized bed AND a dresser in BOTH bedrooms. I know, I know…. I’m just soooo demanding!

We had a snow storm on Tuesday, & I went out to see Steve Poltz that night at the Beachland Ballroom. That was fun, he did an impromptu “rock opera”. I’m not just over-using quotes there; trust me, it’s in the quotes for a reason.

Then, Wednesday, I went to see Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte*. I loved it, not as much as Le nozze di Figaro*, but I did enjoy myself. I went with one of my closest friends, Urban Cowgirl. She loves classical music (I just love it when it’s live). I did kinda nod off during the 2nd act; not b/c it was dull. I think it’s just cause I’ve been running myself ragged, & also most of the “songs”** were low (bass/baritone). And the low notes tend to put me to sleep sometimes (I’ve also nodded off at cello or double-bass recitals for this same reason).

Anyway, it was cool, I esp. loved Papageno & I’m sure he’s everyone’s fave character in it. So ridiculously funny, he is! But The Marriage of Figaro is still my fave, b/c I was in stitches throughout that whole opera. I’m a big fan of that silly-humor.

Then, last night I went to Urban Cowgirl’s 1st 29th birthday party. That was a complete blast. I had so much fun, hanging out at their house w/ a gaggle of fun ppls. I was there until almost 3 am, & still coulda stayed all night, but I could see others were getting tired.

So, that’s it for now. I hope to have more things to post about soon. I keep thinking of things I wanna post, but then actually forget them when I’m in front of the comp.

* yes, that’s me being snooty. But you’re allowed to be snooty when you go to see an opera.
** I’m pretty sure they’re not called songs; but they’re not all arias, so I don’t know what word to use for them.

I’m channeling cantaloupes

Hi everyone. Yes, I’m still here. Sorry I’ve been all absent & stuff. Just a lot going on. I always have 10 days off work from just before Christmas to January 2nd every year, but guess what? This year, I spent much of that time all sick. Yuk.

That’s the worst; well, for me anyway. I’ve told y’all before how I’m super-busy at work from November to March. Like, so crazy busy I have NO time for anything. Well, I look forward all year to that lil break I get at the end of December so that I can have my normal life back, & of course this year, I was all sick for the entire period.

Also, major life-changing news in my life: Mr. T & I broke up. This really is life-changing. We weren’t just bf/gf; we were s’posed to get all married & stuff (this upcoming October). We’d been together for about half-a-decade. That’s a long time to be that close to a person. There really wasn’t anything we didn’t share with each other. So, it’s kinda weird when something happens & the person you normally tell that thing to just isn’t the person you can still tell it to.

Yes, I’m still ending sentences in prepositions. Oh, & talkin about ‘tions, I still haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet. Although in my defense, I’ve been sayin ‘yo’ more often than I’ve changed my underwear so far this year.

Yeah, I know… it’s hot.

Ok, so what else….? OH- Guess what comes along with a huge break-up? More hot-stuff… zits! Yeah, I’ve gotten one zit after another. And so now, I’ve got myself a binary-zit. That’s when 2 zits decide to orbit around each other. And lucky me, it’s right on my cheek!

I know…. hot.

I put up a pic of a cantaloupe, b/c I know that the FCC would fine me if I put up a pic of my binary zit. It’s about time for them to make an example of someone to keep us in line; & I just don’t have an extra $300,000 lying around, ya know?

So, I was thinking of my whole one zit after another complex I’m going through right now, & I thought of something. You know how everyone likes melons? No, seriously, there’s a melon out there for everyone. I myself LOVE all melon, but I think honeydews my fave. Santa Claus is cool too, but you have to be in the mood for it cause it’s so sweet. But I do love all melon.

Well, I was thinking of pick-up lines from guys (b/c all guys have them, & most are NOT creative). And thinking of melon. And it hit me! Why can’t a guy who loves melons (99.9% of guys) also love zits on chicks?

Like, why won’t a guy come up to me & be all like:

Damn girl! That sexy thing on yo face reminds me of cantaloupe, & I’ve gots ta get me sum cantaloupe! I just wanna lick it!

But nooooo, I’m not hearing that. Weird, huh?

Oh, & this post is dedicated to Jen, who’s been asking me for months to update. Holla!

Photo Friday: Travel

Trust me folks, I’ve done y’all a favor by not posting recently. Nothing exciting to report. I got a speeding ticket. Hmmm… yup, that’s it.

But the current Photo Friday challenge is Travel. And I do love to travel. I love walking into clean, crisp rooms w/ freshly made beds. I like my toilet paper folded to a triangle. And the tissue paper too; but of course being the hopeless OCD-head that I am, I immediately pull out that first one (cause someone had to have touched it for it to get to the triangle shape) & wash my hands w/ a cutie lil soap.

I like collecting the tiny lil shampoos & conditioners. I have exceptional hair (read: high maintenance) that requires that I use only my own shampoos/conditioners. So, I just collect them, & if I get a house-guest, they’re getting all kinds of teeny lil toiletries.

My fave place to stay so far has been the Roosevelt Hotel. Yes, that Roosevelt Hotel, where Paris & LiLo sometimes act up at. And yes, I did see some socialites when I was there. But why was it my fave place? The room was amazing & so comfortable, they had orchids on the desk (orchids! I love orchids!). But most of all, they had the most yummiest, heavenly-scented soap. It just smelled so FRESH! I wish I could just buy the soap, or an air-freshener that smelled just like it!

Anyway, back to the PhotoFriday challenge. Although I do love to travel, you never want to get to your destination to see this waiting for you at baggage claim:As always, click here to see other Photo Friday submissions.

love me tender, love me true

Ok, I’m gonna tell you guys something. For the last 4 years, I’ve been investigating 2 ppl at my work. You see, 4 years ago, this elderly man who used to do business at my company told me that one of the women here had “kissed” Elvis. Yes, the Elvis.

So, I narrowed it down to 2 women. They were of the right age, & audacity. I mean, these are 2 spunky, outspoken broads*.

I knew that one of them would be leaving sometime in the coming year, so I figured I had a year to figure it out. Yes folks, I had turned this into my very own Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

So, today I learn that 3 women at my company are retiring. Two are the initial two suspects, & the 3rd is a new-comer to the race. She had always worked at the company, it’s just that I didn’t know her that well in the beginning. In the last year, I’ve gotten to know her, & she could also have done the deed.

If you guys don’t know, I have this compulsion to need to know things. Things that are interesting, things that are none of my business, just THINGS. I mean, take a look at my sidebar, & how many links I have under “Media Stuff” or “Celeb Stuff”.

So, wish me luck, b/c my detectiving is abouts ta hit overdrive.

Hello [insert city name here] !!!!

Yes, I’ve been like all MIA & stuff. In this past 3 weeks, I’ve been in:

– Cinci
– Chi-town
– Rochester
– BAH-ston

Um, no I think that’s it. Anyway, I’ve been around.

But now, I bees back, bitches! Yeah, there be a tongue twister for ya.

And as soon as I get some sleep, I’ll post. And they will be real posts, w/ real sentence structure & no made-up words.

Ok, so there’ll prob be made-up words. Whatev.