Hipster Book Quotes

I’m pimping a blog today. I just discovered Hipster Book Quotes. It makes me want to read more! I actually discovered it through Better World Books’ facebook page.

Better World Books: It’s a pretty awesome online bookstore. Basically, everytime you buy a book online through them, they’ll donate a book. I saw a “buy 3, and they’ll donate 6” deal too! Pretty cool. They are so cool, & I kinda want to pimp them too, but there’s SO MUCH to say about them! So, I present to you this screenshot of their home page (links to them too):

And here’s the link to Hipster Book Quotes, complete w/ a sampling of what they offer. Hipster pictures w/ great quotes from books! Hence the name. (picture links to their site)

219 slaves

I know everyone’s talkin about taking the N-word outta Huck Finn. Just a reminder to those who think it’s no longer going to be offensive, there will still be 219 instances of the word “slave”. If I read 219 instances of the word “slave” w/in 300 pages, it’s still going to make me sick to my stomach.

They’re taking out the “n” word & the “in” word (that’s nigger & injun to those of you who haven’t heard yet). There are 219 instances of these words in the text, if you include the Table of Contents.

Here’s why I don’t mind it.

First, it’s ONE publishing company offering up ONE different version for a targeted demographic audience. Some of these students would actually prob not ever read this book if not forced to do so in school. We’re talking the deep South. Highly conservative ppl who likely have convinced their boards of education to not teach evolution. But I think we all remember some lumps of mass that we went to middle/high school with, & how they did nothing in class.

We live in a capitalist society, & I’m all for capitalism. Someone down in Alabama (a liberal prof, actually) found a need to push a product that can generate demand. He’s a smart dude. His daughter’s African-American friend felt uncomfortable being in a classroom w/ other kids reading the n-word here & there.

I don’t know if you remember your pre-teen & adolescent years, but they’re not easy for those who feel “different”…. & for the record, everyone feels different.

I despise censorship. But I also feel that if 12-17 year olds are reading this in a mixed class…. and I don’t mean “mixed” in ethnicity, but I mean it in terms of “mixed tolerance”…. then, some of those punks are going to emphasize that word w/ the mentality that they’re getting away w/ calling someone that. I can see some 16-yr old boy, raised by bigoted parents, sneering at someone else in the class as he e-nun-ci-ates the word clearly & deliberately.

This one publisher offering up this one edition of the book, targeted toward middle/junior-high schools is not censorship. It’s an opportunity for the text to be offered up to a greater audience. They can always pick up a copy of the actual text, then or in the future, from a bookstore/online/library.

I remember being 6 yrs old, & having a picture book of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer. My parents bought me tons of “learner books” of stories & tales, so that I would read more & learn English. [You have to remember, I did not speak English when we first moved to the States when I was almost 5 yrs old]

There were picture books of it, then the original text by Mr. Twain. This new version is like a “stepping block”.

You know I’ve complained about the TX Board of Education stripping their curriculum… taking out Thomas Edison & wanting to teach more about country music!

Part of me is just scared of the direction some schools in the South are taking. It is my hope that this new edition limits the excuse that the book should be banned altogether in some schools, & that the students will learn upon entering the world (or from their parents) that it was not the truest version of what Twain wrote.

It is & will always be available in the uncut form everywhere else. I’ve watched edited versions of rated R movies on tv when I was 14. & I like that they play “radio edited versions” of certain songs/raps on the radio, b/c I don’t want some 8 yr who’s not going to understand it to hear it. I’m happy w/ letting my kids read the unedited (uncensored), rawest form of the book…. when they’re at an age when it’s appropriate for them. Even now, as an adult, I have an edited version of the Bhagvad Gita… b/c I don’t understand the old text, & I want to be able to read it, but need a version that I can comprehend.

Also, I am of the belief that Mr. Clemens wrote this book for adults. His fellow adult citizens of this country which, even after the Civil War, did not accept the end of slavery. So, it makes sense that a version w/out (what we consider) expletives is offered to a younger audience, just as is done w/ music on the radio or tv. Explicit versions of other media are still easily accessible for the youth via other venues (home/internet/library/stores).

Lastly, I certainly hope no one thought he was racist. He wrote a formal letter, asking to be able to pay tuition of a gifted young African-American, saying he was ashamed that this bright man was held down all his life & could be someone great one day, w/ his financial help.

“We have ground the manhood out of them, and the shame is ours and not theirs, and we should pay for it.”

This was from a letter to Francis Wayland, Dean of Yale Law School; written the same year that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published. In this letter, Twain offered to pay the tuition of a black student at law school. He also paid the costs at a Southern school of a black student who became a minister.

my life as a fairy-tale*, & fairy-tale randomness

*obviously not a happy fairy tale, but a morbid, sad one.

I’m going to my parent’s house tonight. It feels like I haven’t been there in a while; & I know my ma wants to see me. She’d gotten used to seeing me 2-3 times a week. & now that I’ve moved to the east-side, she’s only seen me twice in the last month (both times cause I had to go home to take care of my taxes).

Plus, I get my sunglasses back. I left them there a week ago when I went to do my taxes; & of course it’s been sunny everyday since, even on the rain-days.

Which brings me to the reason for this post… I’ve been leaving things everywhere.

I left my sunglasses at my parent’s house. Left my lil pill bottle (with Advil, Tylenol, etc.) at Mr. T’s house. Lost my black cosmetics case who knows where?!!? I guess I’ll hunt around when I’m at my parent’s tonight, but can’t imagine where else it can possibly be.

If it’s not there, I’m just afraid I might have been at a counter somewhere, & pulled it to set on the counter while I got my wallet out to pay. Then, just forgot to put it back in. I kept everything I always need with me in that black cosmetic case. B/c I change purses so often, I just keep everything in that or in my wallet. Then, when swapping bags, I just need to grab 2 things outta one & into the other.

Bing-Bam-Boom. Done.

But I’ve obviously just been leaving things everywhere. It makes me wonder if I’m subconsciously leaving all these lost objects here & there like a trail for me to go back to; like in Hansel & Gretel 😉


In other fairy-tale news, I really wanna go see Penelope. One of my MySpace friends** saw it & I asked her if she just loved it; of course she did & said I would too. Actually, what she said was that she’d seen it 3 times & that all women who value fairy-tales should see it. Um…. that’s totally ME!

**I call her my MySpace friend b/c although I’ve hung out with her before in real life, I’ve had more conversations with her via MySpace than in real life. I think I had her phone number at one point, but not anymore, so I think MySpace really is the only way I can even contact her directly.


I do love fairy tales. It’s weird that I can’t really watch horror movies or read like Stephen King books or anything like that; but I’ll totally read the most horrifying fairy tales. Like the Brothers Grimm stuff? Or, some old Indian tales? Some of them are so vicious & violent.


The last tidbit of randomness for the day? I’ve had that song, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” from The Sound of Music running through my head all day today.

i belong here

Have any of you read this book by Miranda July yet? Or, any other book by her? Or heard any of her audio tapes? I just ordered it; I don’t know if I’m getting the pink one or the yllw one. Apparently, it comes in two colors:

Those are screen shots from the website for the book, which is a TRIP, & you have to go visit. It’s not one of those sites that just go on forever; it’ll take less than 10 mins to go through it all, so you should. It’s cute too.

So, go; & then come back….. I’ll wait.

~tapping toe patiently~

SEE! I told you it was cute. [sidenote: um, you do remember how corny I am, right?]

Anyway, I’d like any opinions or recommendations. Thanks.

see? I knew it wasn’t right

Yeah, ppl say that if you’ve got nuthin to hide, then what’s the prob? Well, b/c it won’t stop there. It just won’t.

Remember how we were talking about how the NSA had tried to set up the phone tapping/monitoring/patroling (slash, whatever the correct “friendly” propoganda word is) like 7 months before the 9/11 attack?

Yes, Mr. Snow, we do expect the gov’t to detect & prevent terrorist attacks before they are carried out. But we do also expect the gov’t to do it in a manner that is constitutional. Don’t cha think?

Well, one of the Federal District Courts judges thought so, & ordered the NSA to quit it. Not in those words, mind you. She was much more eloquent & composed in her wording; & she gave it in a 43-page opinion!

I know that my friends think I could prob write that much about something, but I really couldn’t.

devil, planes, & ‘Morning Glory’

So, they’ve turned The Devil Wears Prada into a movie. At 1st, I was like, “huh? That wasn’t even a great book in the 1st place!? Why would they make a movie outta it?” So, I was wondering about this & though I was the only person who thought so. But I recently discovered that I wasn’t alone.

I had read this book back in the Spring/Summer of 2004, & in October of that year, I went to Texas for a week. When boarding the plane, you know how you go past 1st class (or business class, or whatever class-ism that airline is holding us all down w/) to get to your (or my, you may roll in more dough than me) seat. Well, in the “premier class” area, there was a woman (late 30s, nicely dressed in a cream outfit, it looked linen, but I don’t know if it was or not, don’t worry about how I even remember this stuff a year & a half later, but that’s me). Anyway, the woman was holding up & reading The Devil wears Prada, & was in the beginning of it. I had time to talk to her b/c the ppl in front of me were held up by the ppl in front of them putting carry-ons in the overhead compartment. So, here’s our mini-conversation:

Moi: “oh, I just read that book recently”
Woman: “really? Did you enjoi it?”
Me: “No, it wasn’t that great. I didn’t really care for it. You should read ‘blah’ instead”. [At the time, I had just read another book right after “devil…” but now I just don’t remember what it was. But I remember it was waaay better.]

Now, I was told shortly after this happened that it wasn’t very nice of me to tell some stranger that her book sucked & that she should read something else. Esp when she’s on a plane, can’t really go out to get the much-better book, & now is beginning a 3 & ½ hour flight, w/ possibly nothing else to read.

Well, it’s not my fault, she asked me a question & I answered it. Honestly. That’s just how I roll. [Oh, speaking of honesty, remind me to post about my car-shopping experience yesterday.] AND, not only that, but who am I to her anyway? She shouldn’t take what I say so seriously, it’s not like we’re close friends w/ all the same interests. Just b/c I didn’t like it, didn’t mean she wouldn’t. Obviously, enough ppl had to like it for a movie to get made.

Anyway, back to the point. So, at 1st, I was like, I don’t really want to see this movie. Even though I like Ann (Anne?) Hathaway & Meryl Streep. Then, I started thinking, well, maybe this is one of those movies that really shouldn’t have been a book in the 1st place, it may work as a movie. So, maybe I’ll see it when it comes out on video. Maybe not, I don’t know. How about this, if anyone out there sees it, let me know what y’all thought of it.

I mean, I prob should at least see it when it comes out on video. I saw le divorce on video, & that’s 2 hours (yes, TWO HOURS!) of my life I’ll never get back. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it was just a “little less than mediocre” movie. I’ve now forgotten the point of this whole post. Oh, I’ve decided to see what others say regarding the devil movie, & then decided if I’ll see it in the future. There.

In other news, they made a movie outta In Her Shoes. Now, I love (love, love, love) Jennifer Weiner. I love that she’s a Philadelphian, & has taken great pride in sharing specific places & events of the city of Philadelphia w/ her readers. But that was not her greatest book. I never did see the movie they made of In Her Shoes, so I’d appreciate feedback on that too. But I can’t imagine it’d be that great. Let me know if you’ve seen it.

HOWEVER, if you are female & if you’ve ever had “body”-issues (you know what they are if you’ve had them; if you don’t know what they are, that means you’ve never had them, & you can just stop reading); then you must read Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. This book was absolutely amazing. It was well-written, entertaining, & really made you feel for the character. Go here & click on the link to read the 1st chapter.

Also, Jennifer Weiner mentioned this place call “Morning Glory” (I think that was the name of the place, I read the book at least 2 or 3 years ago). Anyway, the way she described it made me totally want to go there for breakfast/brunch! I’ve been to Philly at least 3 times since then, & I completely have talked about it, & begged to go there everytime. I’ll make it there sometime. Debbie, if you’re reading this, if you go there, could you tell me how it was, so maybe I could experience it vicariously through you?

media portrayals of artists

GUESS WHAT?!? I am so excited, b/c they’re making a movie of one of my most fave artists: Gustav Klimt. In college, there used to be an art store that I used to shop at, & they had these discount cards (you could save like 10% or sumptin). Anyway, I had asked Brian (the guy who ran the shop) if I could just use my Klimt card (it was a little regular-sized card, w/ a Klimt pic on it) as my permanent discount card for them. You see, every semester (or year or something), they used to change the card. And he said, yeah (of course). Because I love Klimt.

Well, I don’t love him. Don’t be so literal. Obviously, cause I never met him. But I do love his work. One day, I hope to own something. Unfortunately, it will probably be just a print or something simple like that. I remember the day I got a couple of prints of Georgia O’Keefe’s work from the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. I love going to museums.

When I was in high school, I used to cut my morn classes (Chemistry–yuk!). Instead, I’d go to this pond nearby & feed the ducks. Usually til the park-ranger would come by (b/c you’re not really supposed to feed the ducks). Then, I’d head off to the Cleveland Museum of Art. See, the cool thing about our museum (besides the pond, & the Thinker, & the free live music during happy hour in the courtyard on Weds & Fridays, & the cool exhibits) is that it’s free to the public. Yeah, that’s right, completely open to everyone & anyone who wants to enjoy a little art. It’s absolutely loverly.

The pond in the back is great for just hanging out, soaking in the rays, watching the little kiddies watch the super-colorful fish inside. It’s surrounded by 12 statues, each of the 12 figures of the zodiac. And the cherry blossom trees! It’s just such a beautiful area, & it has always brought back great memories of being there on warm, breezy sunny days. It’s just one of those happy memories that I have.

Oh, back to Klimt. So, I guess they debuted this movie at some international film festival back in January. But I did a search for it, & can’t find it anywhere. It’s lookin like another movie that I’m gonna have to wait for the dvd to come out. That’s fine. I have no probs waiting. I’ve got plenty to do in the meantime.

If you are like me, & like movies like this, here’s a list of movies I’ve seen that you should def check out (you can read reviews at the links below):

Basquiat (David Bowie, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Jeffrey Wright, Benicio Del Toro)
Surviving Picasso (Anthony Hopkins)
Frida (Salma Hayek)
I Shot Andy Warhol (Lili Taylor, Jared Harris)
Pollack (Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, Amy Madigan, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly)

Oh, & mentioning Frida, if you like her & have already seen the movie or read the biography of her life that the movie is based on, I would highly recommend reading Frida by Bárbara Mujica. This book is historical fiction. Mujica has taken factual accounts of Frida’s life, then told the story from the vantage point of her sister looking into her life. There is some speculation in the book based on rumors about Frida; esp. going into her bi-curious nature & such. But, I did love the book. I couldn’t put it down. Just a warning, a lot of ppl hated the book & think it’s all blasphemous & stuff. But they’re mainly haters & have to keep in mind that it’s really a novel, just based on historical accounts. She really did her homework though; & if you like thinking what if & wonder what life could really have been like on the inside looking out, it’s really great.

me in a book

Which literature classic are you?

I can be such a copycat sometimes. I saw this quiz that they did over at the pink shoe & at film literate, & I instantly wanted to try it. I love comparisions.

The questions were really tough, though! This is no “fluff quiz”. There was one question that I didn’t think any of the choices even applied to me. But it made me go back & answer it. It wouldn’t let me submit the quiz w/out picking at least one of the options. So, I picked one; trying to get it as accurate as possible.

I think it’s b/c I don’t like to commit to “being” a certain way. I am one of those ppl who will change her mind 5 million & 17 times, then at the last minute, BAM, I’ll just go w/ one of my earlier choices. I don’t like to define who I am either. And I don’t like labels.

Anyway, keeping all this in mind, I did the quiz. Go & try it yourself (click on the link at the top of this post). And this is what I got:

J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings

You are entertaining and imaginative, creating whole new worlds around yourself. Well loved, you have a whole league of imitators, none of which is quite as profound as you are. Stories and songs give a spark of joy in the middle of your eternal battle with the forces of evil.

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