Today is Twitter’s 10th birthday. I love Twitter. It’s the birthplace of hashtags, trending topics, and where I can count on to get need in REAL TIME, from REAL PEOPLE.

It was instrumental in the change of the Iranian government. It aided people looking for shelter in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo scare.

On a personal note, I love being able to connect globally in real time with others while watching (over the years):
– presidential debates
– American Idol
– Golden Globes (& other awards shows)

It’s a place to celebrate Diwali with the hashtag #SalMubarak, and see everyone’s wishes for the coming year worldwide. To see wishes for Ramadan by following #EidMubarak. To see all different cultures and how they celebrate their various traditions.

It has united our world. Facebook is only friends. But Twitter was a network of EVERYONE, in a concise manner.

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