Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech

meryl-streepPatricia Arquette gave a bomb-diggity Oscar speech. And here’s why.

She was recognized for work she did. She’s been acting for about 3 decades. Three decades. She’s finally being recognized for her work. The Academy Award is the highest regarded movie award in the US.

Yet, this woman took this platform, where she is being put on a national stage and her shining moment.

And she decided to use that platform to say something to support her fellow women.

You don’t often see that type of selflessness in the world, let alone in Hollywood.

Now, people may complain that she makes way more money than the average woman working in the US.

First, so what? I worked hard to get my current job. So hard. And I excel at what I do. I know this. Others see this. I have a work ethic like a bull. And I’m super amazingly good at what I do. And I found out (by asking around) that I do make more than my male counterparts. So, does that mean I’m not going to still be vocal about feminist ideals, and equal pay for women?

Second, I don’t know how much she makes or made on any movie. But I do know this, there’s a good chance she made LESS than her male counterparts for no good reason other than she was a woman.

How can I make this statement. Easy. Because the leaked Sony emails give us some insight on how far-reaching the pay gender gap really goes. Those emails showed us that Jennifer Lawrence and FIVE TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-stars. There was also some list of like 6000 Sony employees; and of the 17 making over a million, only one of them was a female.

Now, I don’t get the other part of her speech, where she goes into different types of people. She should have stuck to one topic so not to dilute the strength of the sentiment. But whatever. Take what you will from it.

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