Photo Challenge: Scale

Remember when I used to do PhotoFriday? I used to love it! Looking forward to hearing the new theme for the week, and keeping an eye out everywhere I went to find something that would match it. Or, instantly remembering a picture I had taken that would fit the theme; but still looking for something new & fresh. It makes you keep your eyes open & more aware of the world around you.

Well, I just discovered this new one called Photo Challenge. This week’s is called Scale. I just found this site, and so kinda looked through old photos to see if I had something applicable. I instantly thought of my visit to the Taj Mahal. Where I have pics of myself & family that I took, where it gives the optical illusion that I’m holding the whole Taj in my hand. Or holding it up by pinching the tip. Haha. But I’m not into putting pictures of myself on here, so I thought I’d find something else.

I found this one. When I was younger, my aunt had given me this tiny bottle of Oil of Olay (that’s what it used to be called). Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. Then, the world went anti-oil, and everything was oil-free, or like in this case, the word oil was simply removed.

I keep this tiny bottle still in my travel bag. I wash it out & re-use it still. I wonder if that’s ok… ?? I mean, with the old plastic and all?


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