Diego at the DIA

I went to the DIA on Friday for the first time. I’ve been wanting to go for the year & a half that I’ve been in Detroit. (Did I mention I live in Detroit now?)

Anyway, I finally go to go. And guess what I discovered?!?!?!


Apparently, everyone knew this. Except for me. It took going in, taking a map, scanning through what was there to figure which direction I was going in, and gasping when I saw the “Rivera Court” on the map!!! I went back up to the ticketing counter, and said “What is this? This Rivera Court. Do you mean Diego Rivera?”, and he just smiled & replied yes, that there were murals done by Rivera there. So, I *calmly* walked there. As fast as I could!

dia diego

It was amazing. So awesome. I want to go back & stare at it every day now.

Apparently, it took him only 11 months to complete it. I’m so in awe.

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