Tiny Habits w/ Dr. BJ Fogg

All my life, there’s something I’ve never been able to do. I’ve tried for decades, but always failed.

Take a daily vitamin.

It sounds so simple. You just pop a daily vitamin everyday. But every other year, I find myself throwing out an expired bottle of vitamins, swearing to myself that I’ll take them next time. So, I buy a new bottle, determined to take them. Only to throw out the almost full expired bottle the next year.

Earlier this year, I discovered I was deficient in B-12. I had asked my doc to specifically test my blood for this particular vitamin, as I’m always exhausted. I’ll write more about my B-12 later, but since I was able to see such a dramatic difference in my quality of life by taking the B-12 daily, I wanted to start taking my multivitamin daily too. I just couldn’t bring myself to complete that task though!

A work colleague brought up this Stanford professor & this program. It’s actually an online event that you can join. I did join it, but failed to follow through on the simple emails you send. At any rate, I did read through the program & followed it to a T.

Because of his Tiny Habits program, I was finally able to do it. I’ve just finished a bottle of my Women’s daily multivitamin. My first bottle ever to finish! Huzzah!

You can read about the Tiny Habits program here. I would suggest reading it & joining his online event. It’ll change your life as it did mine. Whether you want to figure out a way to keep your inbox clear, or want to remember to floss at night. Whatever. Work or personal. It’ll change your life. For real.bjfogg

But essentially, there are 3 points:
– an anchor
– the new behavior
– a reward

The anchor is something you do already. Each night before I go to bed, there is something I do without fail; this is my anchor. I now add the new behavior to this anchor. So, each time I do my anchor, I add the new behavior. Then, you recognize (reward) the completion of this new behavior.

It’s so simple. Yet, I never could do it until I read through his program. Thank you, Dr. Fogg!

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