“It’s not racist!” – Except for, it totally IS racist!

Happy Opening Day, Cleveland!

Thank you for reminding the country of how racist we can be, but it’s so instilled, that we don’t even see it as racism! Case in point, this happened today:

Fullscreen capture 8232014 44927 PM.bmp

Since I just am so tired of trying to explain how this is racist, I’m linking to the Cleveland Scene article they wrote on it.

“It’s Not Racist!” And Other Responses to Wahoo Protesters at Home Opener

And here’s a shirt I saw at Kohl’s while shopping (below, from my own instagram). I found this shirt so disgustingly offensive, I had to share it. This made me stop, and walk around the ENTIRE kids’ section, just looking for a shirt without the Chief Wahoo on it. NOT A ONE. I was in the kids’ section. So, this is to instill this same brand of racism into the next generation. I don’t think I feel comfortable shopping at Kohl’s anymore.

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