more, what NOT to do.

Ok. I’m back on the website. There are still over a hundred ppl to go through. I was just talking to my cousin, & I said

me: “ok, I gotta go to my 2nd job now.”.
him: “huh? Second job? What?”
me: “finding a husband”

I’ve declined about a dozen guys now, for the normal reasons. Now I’ve come to another common turn-off that I haven’t mentioned yet in my previous posts yet.

Don’t put up 4 pictures of yourself, and you’re wearing those super reflective sunglasses in ALL of them! If you have a picture, you’re letting me see what you look like. I CAN’T SEE YOUR FACE. Are you also not going to look me in the eye if we are face-to-face?

You have 1 picture of yourself, and that picture has you in a nice white button-up shirt. Ok, that’s nice. But I don’t want to see your shirt unbuttoned with your shaved/waxed chest showing. Gross. I want a man. Men have hair on their chests.

Don’t have just one picture of yourself, and there’s a child in the picture; and you don’t explain who the child is.

shaadi meme photo

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