you want a response?

OMG.  These guys.  Seriously?!?!

Ok.  I’m taking this online dating site seriously this time.  I joined it about 6 months ago, logged in twice, got frustrated at the idiots, and deleted my profile.  This time, I’m taking it seriously, and actually looking at the profiles of the “males” who expressed interest in me.  I’m saying “males” in quotes, because I don’t see any real men yet.

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do to get a response.

– Say something about yourself. See the screenshot from last post. That particular person sent me an interest, and I thought twice about it, and then sent him an email:

Hi Raj.
On your profile, you wrote absolutely nothing about yourself. But I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt. So I sent you an email asking you to tell me something about yourself. Anything.

What do you like to do? Where did you grow up? How long have you lived where you are? What kind of movies/TV/music/food do you like?

I thought you’d at least respond with any one small description of yourself. I think communication is important in a relationship.

But you still have not said anything about yourself, so I have no idea who you are, or your personality.

Tell me something about yourself.

So he told me that his father is retired and that he’s an only child. NEXT.

– Don’t have 8 (EIGHT!) pictures of yourself, and you are NOT smiling IN A SINGLE ONE! You look like a sourpuss in each of your 8 pictures. I want to be happy in life. I want someone who is already happy with himself, to share in my happiness.

– Don’t use bad punctuation/grammar in your profile. This is your ONLY impression, in most cases. It’s like a resume, right? You double-check your resume/CV to make sure you don’t have typos, bad punctuation, or bad grammar. This is the same thing. Out of the 200 interests I have in my inbox, I have yet to find one to respond to! I’ve made it half-way so far.

shaadi bad punct

– But put up at least ONE picture. This one has NO picture and he’s divorced, so 2 strikes already. Now, the divorced thing is nbd, but it’s only bad here because of the no picture, then the ‘about me’. That’s his place to ‘advertise’ himself, to really sell himself. And he starts off with “Iam a focussed, easy going man…”

shaadi sunny g

Here’s another one. Divorced, no picture, all caps, bad writing. And add a LIAR to the list. You see, on the first page, it says his location is Fremont, CA. Since I have on my criteria, only those in the US, he would pass through. Then, he mentions that he’s in India.

shaadi vinod

This one also is a divorcee, no picture, then this. I don’t even know what a teetotaller is?!?

shaadi teetoller

Ugh. I think that’s enough for tonight. I can’t read through anymore.

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