re-entering the dating world

I’m re-entering the dating world.  All Indians are familiar with, but for non-desis that read my blog, it’s a matrimonial site for (mostly) Indians.  It’s not a dating site, it’s a matrimonial site.

In clarifying this, I present to you this profile I found (he was in my 2-way matches).

SH46563219 Hindu, Gujarati, Gujarati, Groom from Other, USA - Mozilla Firefox 162014 124827 PM.bmp

See that part I circled in red?  Um, yeah dude.  That’s the whole reason for everyone on this site.  Thanks for using your “about me” to really sell yourself, and show some of your personality. Also, can’t even demonstrate proper use of “cut & paste”.  NEXT.

Btw- if anyone has any questions on the terms, I’m happy to clarify.
A ‘2-way match’ is one where I meet their criteria for their searches, and they meet mine.
I’ve also added a new category, “shaadi in the city”, for all posts related to this new part of my life.  Stay tuned!

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