I have children for Christmas

Guess what?
I “adopted” a 3 month old for Christmas!

OGC presents1
I don’t see or meet her, but I get to buy her (& 2 teenagers) Christmas presents! Her ppl (foster parents or DHS) requested a Baby Einstein cd, so I’m totally going to get that for her!! I’m so excited!

It’s a program called “Operation Good Cheer”, and you pick a child’s profile (I got 3), and they each have a wish list of 6 items. You get 3 items minimum, but can get more, and gift wrap them, and put their id # sticker on the wrapped package, and it gets delivered to them!!!

OGC presents2
My 3 month old was exposed to drugs/alcohol while in the womb, and in a home with parent(s) abusing drugs (so she was likely neglected). She’s 3 months and only weighs 8 lbs!!! She breaks my heart! 😦

The 2 teen girls also came from homes with substance abuse, and both were sexually abused, one also physically abused. They’re both in a residential treatment facility. The baby is in a foster home.
OGC presents3
My goal this year is to GIVE GIVE GIVE as much as I can. If I’m focusing on putting good out into the world, then there will be some good in the world, and maybe some of it will latch on somewhere!

If you’re interested in participating in Operation Good Cheer (it’s a program put on by Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc.), check out their website.

Photos from the Operation Good Cheer Facebook page.

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