Remember the time. Cancer & Guns.

Remember the time when you heard of cancer but didn’t really know anyone who had it? I feel like it was maybe 20 years ago. You knew what it was. You knew some ppl survived it, and some died from it.

I feel like that’s the cycle that’s happening with guns now. We hear of this gun violence, but most of us don’t know anyone who was directly shot.

I say “we” & “most” in thinking that most ppl who may read this blog are likely middle class, & don’t live in the inner city. For those in the inner city, they know at least a half-dozen folks that have been shot (perhaps even themselves). 86 gun shootings a day.

Now, go back to that time you heard of cancer, but didn’t personally know someone with it. Perhaps in the 80s or 90s even. But no longer.

I hope this same phenomenon of familiarity w/ a killer does not repeat itself with gun violence.
guns and cheeses

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