break-up the GO(T)P

I have no issue with the GOP. I have friends that are Republicans, & I can understand the basic principles – small government. I just don’t necessarily agree with that b/c I simply don’t trust ppl or the private sector. I’ve seen too much corruption or folks/organizations/corporations try to “get away with something”.

Anyway, I still respect the ideas of the basic Republican. Not the racist ones. Or the selfish ones. Or the bigots. Or the haters. But the basic “small government minded” person.

However, I’ve made no secret of it, but the GOP has become corrupted in recent years. This happened years ago, when they went through a transition. When the Whig party transitioned into what then was called the Republican party. Here’s the deal though. I believe that what was then called the Whig (then Republican) party, was actually filled with what we think of as progressive, liberal thinkers. What we equate with today’s Democratic party.

There’s been a contamination of sorts into the Republican party over the last 150. More so in recent decades. By something called the Tea Party. This, I must say, is the DUMBEST group of ppl EVER. I’m sure you know why I’m saying this, but maybe 1 day I will elaborate & actually type out the stupidity I’ve heard from this faction. If I can stand it without getting a headache.

The Republican party is so different from what it was a hundred years ago, & I think it should change names to signify that it’s no longer what it once was. It’s been contaminated by the Tea Party & the Libertarians. They need to keep themselves separate, in their own separate parties.

There is a split in the current “Republican” party. There is no solidarity even amongst themselves. They need to kick out the others that are contaminating their party. Not just because they are corrupting the party, not just because of their obscene immorality, but because their extremism is turning ppl off.

Look at these numbers. Days after the election, there was a poll done within each party of who they think would make an ideal party candidate for President in 2016.

In the Democratic party, there is a clear front-runner. Almost 2/3’s of the party have a person in mind. There is a clear person in mind as 2nd choice, and nominal votes for others. This is normal.

Now, look at the Republican candidates’ poll. Not even a fifth of the party can agree on any 1 person? You can OBVIOUSLY see that their is a monumental split in the party. They can’t even come to a consensus among themselves. How do they expect the American ppl to go along with them?

Am I the only one who can see this? It’s so OBVIOUS.

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