Poll: Am I too senstitive? Racism?

Ok. I know I’m sensitive, but I need input from the rest of you here. Am I being overly sensitive here. I’m “D”. I’ve known “E” for almost 10 yrs, met him through Mr. T.

“E” is someone who has hugged & kissed me as a friend, even smelled my hair & would tell me how good it smells. He’s like a Tea Party person. Here’s our exchange, & what I demand from him at the end. Am I right to be offended, & demand an apology from him?

I’ve heard a LOT from him about Obama, how he’s a Muslim, and how all Muslims want to destroy everyone else. Crazy stuff. Using the word “infidels” and all kinds of lies posted online about Obama. So, I think emotions were high, & this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or, I’m being too emotional? I put a bright arrow next to the parts I thought were jerky or racist or both.

There’s a poll at the end, & of course I want feedback, so please leave a comment! Thanks!

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