free Coach lure

I got an email from Coach today (I actually get one daily). But today’s had a subject line boasting “20% off & free gift w/ purchase!”.

Considering they charge over $20 for shipping, I figured 20% off would basically amount to free shipping. So, of course, I clicked to see what they had on sale, and what the free gift was. This is what I saw at the bottom of my long email filled w/ awesome looking totes & wristlets:

Really? I’m not buying a hundred dollars of MEN’S things! Do ppl really spend $100 in the men’s section of Coach? I get Kenneth Cole, or Express for men. But I don’t know any men who want any Coach things.

Again, at the bottom of a picture w/ a shiny, pretty tote & a signature wristlet.  Those sneaky so & so’s.  Not even a picture of some men’s item.  I don’t even know that I’ve ever even noticed a men’s item there before… ?!?!

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