photo gallery layouts

We’re doing some redecorating at my parents’ house, & I’m just using this space to put some gallery layouts down.

I think we’re going to go with the last one in the 2nd row. I like the consistency of the similar frames (all being black), but it’s not too matchy or rigid. The black frames would go w/ their wall clock, and the black frame around their tv.

Unfortunately, I just bought them a digital photo frame, and it’s got a brown frame. Wah-wa! Oh well. It’s dark brown, maybe we can paint the frame or something.

The last one (the clock) is an idea I have for my own home 1 day. That way, I always know what time it is in India & Phoenix (where I have family that I call all the time). The beauty being that those 2 locales don’t observe daylight savings time, so the # of hours difference changes, and I won’t need to change the clocks!

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