What did the Polar Bear say to the Penguin?

Ha ha ha!

B a z i n g a !

There are no Polar Bears in Antarctica, and no penguins in the Arctic Circle!!!

It was a trick riddle! Polar Bears & penguins would never meet in this world to be able to talk to each other. heehee.

They should just be called North Polar bears or something like that. Actually, no land animals live in Antarctica.

The 2 poles are as diff as can be. The Arctic Circle is primarily an ocean, where the Antarctic is a land mass (hence it being an actual continent), covered in ice.

Despite being a huge land mass (1.5 times the size of entire US), Antarctica is ruled by a 1959 Treaty that made it a shared demilitarized zone only used for peaceful interaction & scientific research; thus it has no countries, and is not part of any country. Antarctica is land, yet has no land animals. Only marine life resides there – whales, seals, & penguins (& about a dozen bird species).

Where the Arctic is an ice-covered ocean, ironically, with land animals. Among them are the Arctic hare, fox, wolf, lemming, muskox, wolverines, ermines, Arctic ground squirrels, and caribou. And of course, polar bears! The Arctic also has many, many different birds; and marine mammals such as seals, walrus, whales, narwhals, killer whales, & belugas. The Arctic also has an indigenous population, where there are no known native humans to Antarctica.

So, I guess if a polar bear ever did see a penguin, he’d totally be like “Dude! Where’d you come from?!!?”


This whole post came about because I saw this piece made by little lion designs. She’s a friend of mine & makes art from re-purposed fabric. I also saw this real life picture shot of a mama & baby polar bear. Please note that polar bears may look cute, but are vicious, vicious creatures WHO WILL CUT YOU! I think that’s part of what makes this piece PERFECT for baby nurseries, or kid’s rooms. B/c most moms come across as sweet & normal, but if you mess w/ their baby, they will turn vicious to protect their own!

I saw it, & started wondering about polar bears & googled & one led to another & I learned a bunch about the Arctic & Antarctic. 🙂

this picture links to little lion designs "nursery art" photo album

One thought on “What did the Polar Bear say to the Penguin?

  1. Wow. I totally did not know that the Artic isn’t land based but all those animals live there. In fact, I’ve been living in ignorance my whole life thinking quite the opposite! Thank you for sharing (I’m so going to file this knowledge into the “Jeopardy” part of my brain). You’re so cool. xoxo

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