I can’t shut off my inner critic

So, a couple friends of mine posted this video. It’s full of humanity, & is actually a lovely, lovely statement on how to live.

I do like the video and its message. Don’t get me wrong. I just can’t seem to shut off my inner critic. I notice things. Minute things. Things that just don’t add up, & I don’t like inconsistency/discrepancies. So, even though this is a lovely video, & you should appreciate it as such, I thought I’d at least get out of my system the things I noticed on 1st watch.

At 0:45 – the young boy puts down his skateboard to help the lil ole lady. After crossing the street, he then crosses the other street, going even further away from his stuff. He just left his skateboard there?

At 1:30 – the old lady gives a woman change for the parking meter.
2 things – a. she was holding change in her hand the whole time? Maybe that’s why she was struggling w/ her bags. Why didn’t she just put the change away in her cross-body purse? And b. – why is the girl putting change in a meter where there’s no car? There’s no car in either of those 2 parking spots!

At 2:10 – what the heck is in that luggage that makes it that heavy?!?! I mean, I know I sometimes have a morbid mind, but the only thing I can think of is that it’s a dead body in there. It’s gotta be over 100# by the way they’re lugging it!

It’s a great message to put out into the world. And I can appreciate that. I just can’t shut off my cynical mind.

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