revoking heroes – Joe Pa

“… we must keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin of error, no hesitation to act.”

~ PA Gov. Tom Corbett


I once wrote about how great Joe Pa was. I have to retract that now. Just like I had to retract my admiration of John Galiano once.

Are there no more heroes left in our world today?

It pains me that a 10-year old had to go through sexual assault, while someone witnessed it & did nothing about it. It seems to me that being an eye-witness to something like that, one would act. Like step in physically & stop what was happening. At that time, the campus police would show up, call the city police, and worrying about telling your daddy would be the last thing on your mind.

But Mike McQueary (email address & feel free to copy the Penn State Board of Trustees at did just that. He walked away, told his daddy, and never brought it up again. It was a 10-yr old boy.

Has this type of sexually abuse…. sorry, and why are we using that term now? B/c rape sounds bad? Or has a stronger connotation? Well, let it have a stronger connotation. It’s a heinous act!

But has this type of rape become so accepted by certain societies that it’s 2nd nature to try to sweep it under the rug instead of calling an authority figure out on it?

Priests. Scout leaders. Politicians.

It takes a village to raise a child. The children are our future. They are OUR children. They are to be protected by ALL OF US.

So far, Joe Paterno, Penn State President, and Athletic Director have been fired. No, I don’t think Joe Pa should be allowed to finish the season. No, I don’t care that there are only 4 games left. It’s football. What I care about is that a 10-year old lost his childhood. A decade ago. And I don’t know how many others have lost theirs since then b/c these guys were worried about throwing a pigskin around.

Penn State Football brings in a lot of money to the University? Well, to those involved, how much money is about to be lost from donors due to this cover-up?

You didn’t want to tarnish the school? Well, it’s tarnished way worse now.

It is up to us. All of us. To PROTECT THE CHILDREN. If you see something wrong, DO SOMETHING! Actions speak louder than words.

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