not yet grown up

This past week, I’ve seen 2 fb invites from the same group of ppl. Here’s the latest one.

You are graduating college, & proud to say “hello adulthood”. Well, an adult prob wouldn’t put up a public event like this. Esp considering you’ll prob be looking for a job upgrade after graduation. Is this what you want your potential employer to see? You know they check social media sites, right?


And this one for a GNO last night at an annual arts/music/tech/educ festival.

I actually proposed this to the person who asked for a girls’ night get-together. “Hey, I’m going to Ingenuity on Friday night. How bout you gals come meet up w/ me & my girlfriends there?”

Whoa. The next day, I get this invite & there’s over a hundred girls invited to it! The comments on that page were ridiculous…. about making sure to pick up lime in case they end up killing a hooker that night.

Um. If I click “I’m attending”, then EVERY ONE of my friends would be able to click the event to see what it’s about & see that stuff. I have some professional contacts on my friends list. Yes, they are in a category, but this event page is a public page.

Not only do I not do “whoring”; but even if I did, I would prob not put on a public page that I did it.

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