miniture Santa

So, I’ve finally figured out how Santa does it! You know how he flies around the world, going up & down countless chimneys, delivering millions* of presents?

Well, I’ve figured it out! He’s miniature. Like the size of a thumb or something. We all know of his elves. Well, what we don’t know is that his elves make miniature presents, & Santa can easily stow & deliver them, & when his reindeer fly away, their hooves scatter a dusting (magical, natch). This magic dust makes the presents into regular sized toys!

Santa having a brewski

This brilliant theory of mine helps explain how:

a. The elves are able to produce such a large quantity in not as much time.

b. The sleigh is able to hold all these presents.

c. He & the presents are able to easily slide down the chimneys.

*maybe not millions. We all know it’s nearly impossible to be “good all year round”.

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