arranging elementary marriages

Are you ppl kidding me?  You want to basically arrange a marriage for elementary kids? In 2011?

What happened to freedom of choice. Was there ever anything romantic b/t Bert & Ernie that made any of you think that they were in love, like that?!?

Is it so impossible for you ppl to believe that 2 folks of the same gender can be life-long friends? I’m not sure what their jobs are, or how much their income is, but rent for a 1-bedroom can be pricey.

Especially on a happenin street like Sesame Street. OMG, ppl are always hanging out there! That’s totally prime real estate!

If you are one of the folks forcing this marriage, it’s simply b/c you want the union. YOU are going to get something out of it. Just like when girls of kings were married off to gain land for the kingdom. You are trying to gain some “celebrity support” for your cause, or justify your beliefs.

I am fine w/ same-sex marriage. But I’m not fine w/ folks marrying off 2 friends, simply b/c the idea of a life-long, almost “soul-mate” type friendship seems impossible to them. I almost feel sorry for these ppl, b/c I think it must be that they don’t have this type of friendship in their lives.

I have 2 girlfriends in my life that I truly believe are my “soul-mates” in friends. One, I get in horrible fights w/, as we tend to think so alike almost all the time, then clash so aggressively at other points! The other, I can call the Bert to my Ernie. We’ve always been calm, singing songs, usually hanging out w/ the other. Never fought. Just friends for 2 decades. We did live together for so long at points in time. Why is something so normal in real-life, so unbelievable (almost unacceptable) in a make-believe world?

sidenote: Did any of you seriously think they were gay? I’ve never seen any gay man dress so plainly in my life!

Also, love this article in the Time Magazine Blogs:
This Is Actual News: Sesame Street Declares Bert & Ernie Will Not Gay-Marry

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