galliano’s rant

So, galliano is now lower case. It used to be a capitalized last name. Esp back when I respected & adored him. I had posted back in Oct. 2006 about him: House of Galliano.

However, I cannot support galliano. He was a twisted mind. Which is what I loved about his work. But, unfortunately, there was bigotry in that twisted-osity. Which I cannot stand for.

Zero Tolerance for bigotry. For Reals.

He made some anti-Semitic remarks. Video below. This video is a previous video that just came out now when he was arrested last Thurs for other anti-Semitic remarks. These aren’t isolated instances w/ him.

I have no tolerance for bigots. Remember when Mel Gibson went off a few years ago? Then, the next year or so, he released Apocalypto? Well, a bunch of ppl went to go see it still. But not me. And I haven’t watched anything w/ Mel Gibson involved since then. Even though rentals w/ him have come into my & my parent’s house, I wouldn’t sit through them.

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I had written about Brigitte Bardot back in June 2008, when she was convicted of this type of behavior 5 times in about 10 yrs.

Updated 3/2/2011
Just about every other country has Hate Speech laws. These are mostly laws against inciting hatred toward a ppl for religious or racial reasons. The keep the peace & help prevent riots.

But not the US. We’ve got that 1st Amendment.

The one that allows the God-fearin folk of the Westboro Baptist Church to go protest at the funerals of US troops.

The same troops that gave their lives (their lives… let’s take a moment & realize how important that is… their l i v e s), just so that bigots can say sh*t about them after they are no longer with us. How sickening is that?

Today, the “Supreme Court upholds Westboro Baptist Church’s right to stage anti-gay protests at funerals of U.S. troops.”. Well, of course they did. First Amendment, baby.

No. The most hurtful speech should NOT be allowed near such a private event. Something like this should be considered a private area, & they should get in trouble for trespassing if they come close enough to disrupt the funeral itself.

I know there are laws against saying BOMB in airports, right? & yet, it’s ok for ppl to yell out the N-word (Nazi or N*gger). It’s fine for our politicians to dress up as Nazi’s & go to a theme party. If someone told me there was a party where ppl were dressing up as KKK members…. um… I would decline w/ a LOT of words as to why. & yet, these are the ppl we chose to elect into power?!?!

It’s NOT ok to hate. It’s not.

I’m really shocked at Galliano though. I mean, I’m sure he heard some hatred homophobic speech growing up. & yet, he can still have such hate for a ppl?

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