The American Flu

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but last September, I was struggling w/ whether or not I should get a flu shot.

Most ppl in my life would get a flu shot. My boss & his wife would get one every year, & they’ve always been healthy throughout flu season. I am around a LOT of students on a daily basis, the most likely demographic to get H1N1. Plus, I travel a LOT in October, the highest month to contract the flu. Add to that, the fact that in the last 6 yrs, I’ve had meningitis & walking pneumonia.

So, last Fall, I caved, & got the flu shot. They said this shot was for the “regular” flu & H1N1.

If you know me (in life or via this page), you know how paranoid I am! I don’t trust the Feds. I believe they push drugs through in thinking of economy over health.

Why else would all these drugs be pulled off the shelves 5 yrs after they’re touted as the next great elixir, b/c they’re killing ppl? You’ve seen those commercials on tv by the lawyers: “If you or a loved one had taken “drug x” & are now experiencing blindness, heart palpitations, or whatever else, please contact us.”

Anyway, I don’t trust those those cats. But I did it. I got the flu shot last Sept.

And now…. I’ve gots the flu. Wouldn’t it figure. Apparently some strain that wasn’t covered by the flu shot.

In other news, I also gave it to Mr. T, who has no health insurance. So, we spent yesterday in bed watching movies. We saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World & The American. I liked Scott Pilgrim; it was cute, quirky, funny, had visual effects like a graphic novel, & the music was fun. Did not care for The American, like the last 3 George Clooney movies I’ve seen. Right from the beginning, when you see him steal a car & start driving down from Sweden; the music sucked. It was like the music was scored by some 19-yr old who’s used to scoring for their buddy’s indie film. [& by “buddy’s indie film”, I mean the kid running around with his dad’s video camera, w/ no budget.]

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