govt shutdown

How impossible is our gov’t being right now?

They’re trying to cut the budget. Ok, cut the budget. But don’t defund or eliminate domestic programs that elevate Americans. But they’re basically about to shutdown.

Programs eliminated – Fed funding for:
– Americorps
Planned Parenthood [links to sign petitions]

Programs cut:
– border security

President Obama had a 2011 budget proposal. But it was never enacted. Why do we elect ppl into office, then not listen to anything they say, and then want to vote them and/or their party out of office, b/c nothing’s getting done?

Some ppl (myself included) count on NPR for information & to stir discussion, to hear about the culture (domestic & foreign). PBS offers informative programing to both adults & children.

Planned Parenthood offers affordable (or free) health services to men & women. STD testing, treatment, education (about the consequences of sex), access to see an OBGYN.

Then, I just read that the Defense Department sponsors NASCAR racers. Apparently, 1/3 of the Army’s recruits are 1st contacted through Nascar.

How do you spell Nascar anyway? Is it NASCAR, like the letters stand for something? Though the letters in scuba stand for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus”, but it’s just a regular lower case word now. Or, is it NasCar, like Nasty Car? I guess I could google it, but consider it an “opportunity” to show off your knowledge of it.

Back to the Defense Department. Though the Army uses Nascar for recruitment, the Navy & Marines don’t feel that a presence at Nascar is necessary. Maybe they feel the clientele at this event wouldn’t pass their entry exams?

If they stopped sponsoring Nascar drivers, it would save the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars! I’m sure the 1/3 of ppl that the Army got via Nascar, they prob woulda gotten anyway b/c those are prob the ppl that joined so they can shoot at stuff.

Nascar is one very specific demographic of ppl.

PBS is useful to ALL Americans. Let’s get our priorities straight.

Update 4/8/2011:
Check this out! Click on tweet to read article & see the graph!

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