enabling librarians

So, it hit me this morning.

Librarians are the kings & queens of enablers.

Think about it, if you go up to a librarian, & ask them to help you w/ anything. Seriously, anything. They will help you.

Go up to a librarian & say any of the following:

  • “I was hoping to compare foot sizes of different types of dogs”.
  • “I need to find all the variations of grapes & how many of them are used in wine.”
  • “What percentage of pregnant teens deliver in high schools?”
  • “Are the different nose sizes of monkeys/apes/gorillas, in anyway related to nose sizes of various races of ppl?”

The answer you’ll get is always “oh how interesting! Let’s see where you can find materials on that!”

They’re always so sweet, so supportive of whatever weird thing you hit them with. And they never seem shocked.


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