I hate lil wayne

or young jeezy or whatever the eff his name is supposed to be. He’s coming to Cleveland soon, so I’m hearing his name & “music” more than usual.

I know I’ve written little things here & there about not liking him.

And I’ve said it’s b/c he compares himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But I’ve never said specifics. So, here are actual statements that this punk has made:

“You’d expect me to pay somebody to do it? You supposed to be able to do anything in this world. That’s what Martin Luther King told me. He ain’t never put a specific on what to [do]. He said you can do anything. ‘Kill’ falls under that.”

Dr. King would never condone killing. He & Mahatma Gandhi believed in Civil Disobedience, which is non-violent.

Then, when talking to a magazine journalist doing an interview on him:
“Darling, I don’t care what nobody think. Talk to me like you talk to Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. You’re not going to ask him about what he thinks about what somebody said about him. You ask him about his greatness, and his greatness only.”

Recently, a song came on the radio & in the 1st couple of lines he said:

And I wanna tell you something that you prolly should know
This that Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood flow

So, I listened to the rest of it, waiting for an Indian sample to come in, on the background. I mean, he just announced at the beginning that he’s comin at us w/ that Bollywood flow, right? As you know, I’m an Indian-American, so interested when ppl work Indian culture into their western stuff. Well, no Bollywood flow resulted. None. I’m not even sure why he put that line in there?

He’s a dumbass.

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