penal farming

I think we all know I’m a genius. I’ve proven it over & over again, w/ my innovative solutions to the worlds problems. Fer example, my ideas to…
stop hurricanes on the Gulf Coast
keep these yung bulls from wearing their pants down past their underpants
get more ppl into protesting

Well, I’ve come up w/ another winner!

Penal Farming. Here’s how & why it works.

How: Those incarcerated in our justice system, go to work on farms in their area. They could get bussed over there, then bussed back at the end of the day.

Why: You know how you get cranky when you’re hungry? & how you are elated when you eat a really good meal?!?! Well, a lot of prisoners prob spent their lives eating crappy fast food. Then, in jail, they eat crappy prison food. If they work on the farms, & get to eat fresh, local, non-hormonal food; it may even their tempers. Also, food fuels your body & brain. They’ll be calmer, happier, well-balanced. More prone to rehabilitation. They’ll be doing something, & seeing the fruits (& veggies… haha!) of their labor.

Also, farmers in America are struggling. This would help alleviate their costs.

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