snowy cash cab

Ok, so we’ve got an early day off. Everyone was sent home at 1:30pm. I guess the City of Cleveland told everyone to close early so the fiasco that happened last Wed night doesn’t repeat itself. For the record, I left work early (at 4pm), & didn’t get home til 8pm last Wed! (That’s 4 hours for you non-Math majors).

Anywhoo… my office closed at 3pm (we’re super busy & actually have tons of work we wish to accomplish).

This means, I get to come home early & watch tv. I watched Ellen like normal when I’m home at 4. Then, found that Cash Cab was on!!! OMG, I haven’t watched Cash Cab in AGES!!!

So, I promptly geared up to answer the questions!

Uh…. did I get dumber, or are the questions on Cash Cab like super-hard now? I can answer Jeopardy questions answers, but these questions were TOUGH!

Anyway, I’ll have more chances tomorrow, b/c we’re expected to have another snow day tomorrow. Nor’easter meets Lake Effect wind/snow tonight!

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