But I want to be disintegrated by fire

I’ve always known I’d be cremated.  It’s never even been a question.  I’m from India, we don’t bury our dead, we cremate them.  The physical body is no longer, & the soul is freed.  No biggie.

I think more & more ppl in the US are now cremating too.  I think it’s becoming more widely accepted everywhere.

But I just saw this note on Time Mag’s website:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When You’re Dead that read…

With something called “bio-cremation,” a liquid chemical is used to dissolve the body, no fire or global warming emissions necessary.

The LA Times reports on funeral homes and crematoria are trying to get bio-cremation, a.k.a. alkaline hydrolysis, legalized in California. The process is not only environmentally friendly, it costs about the same as standard cremation—which is a lot less expensive than a standard burial:

The average price to the consumer for alkaline hydrolysis is expected to be about $2,500, similar to prices charged for cremation by fire.

Either process is far below costs far less than the $7,500 cost for a conventional funeral and burial in a casket.

Here’s the deal. I understand that the fire causes more emissions. But for one thing, I love fire. Fire is cool. Well, hot. But you know what I mean. It’s enchanting.

I don’t want to be dissolved by chemicals. That’s like the “black oil” & that other crazy stuff from the X-Files. It’s the stuff scary tv shows & movies are made of.

I mean, I work consciously to recycle, save water, conserve energy. I think about every last thing I throw away. I just replaced my wiper blades & am looking up the best way to recycle, or give them to be re-used.

I mean, I’m going to be dead for cryin out loud. Can’t I just have that one thing & be burned?

Do your ppl even get your ashes if they use the chemicals? & fire is natural. Earth, water, & fire. There’s no mention of alkaline in that.

One thought on “But I want to be disintegrated by fire

  1. I agree, it seems more “natural” to either bury or burn the body by fire. I’m starting to see it that way too, I don’t see any reason why I need to take up that much space just to bury my body. Dealing with ashes seems more “personal” too.

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