really? a headline?

Wow! Realized I haven’t posted since the end of June. It was always my intention to put up at least some post every month. Even something dumb, just so I don’t skip over months in my archive. Oh well.

Why am I back? What has driven me to post? I think we all know. Kanye.

C’mon Kanye. I just got an email letting me know about an upcoming presale for Kanye’s Cleve show in Dec. It’s gonna be a Christmas time show. Dec. 23rd.

Aw man, Kanye. How do you expect me to find ANYONE left here in the land of Cleve that’s willing to shell out at least $50 now?!?!?!

Yes, I’m coming. But whoooo with?

C’mon man, I’m ok w/ you being your jerky self, but the rest of the US doesn’t like it. & it’s not a prob if you’re a jerk unless, say, your LIVELIHOOD depends on other ppl’s money. The masses. Which… um.. it does.

Now, we all know I couldn’t care less. So what if you took the mic out of some 17-yr old millionaire’s hand when she was getting an MTV VMA award. It’s not like it was the Nobel Peace Prize. Add to that the fact that you were all over the place swigging a bottle of Hennessy before the show. Anyone on stage who sees you coming at them while they have a mic in their hands (ESP at the VMA’s, b/c it’s not like you haven’t pulled this like 5 out of the last 7 VMA’s you’ve been to) totally has that coming.

Who cares? She lived & she learned. & she got some publicity out of it. I couldn’t care less about all that.

The only thing I care about now is, who’s gonna come w/ me to see you at freakin CHRISTMASTIME?!?!?!! Thanks, Kanye.

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