Photo Friday: Debris

So, this week’s Photo Friday is Debris. & there is def a LOT of debris in this world. We spent the 80’s in conspicuous consumption. Then, the 90’s trying to pretend we didn’t. Now, we are so into “being green”, that we’re often throwing out perfectly fine products to replace them w/ greener options. How is that green? You’re throwing out good items? Try freecycle, ppl. If you’re a Clevelander, there’s a Yahoo Freecycle Group you can join.

Anyway, I was thinking about debris/trash/clutter. & in my new positive frame of mind, I was reminded of Louise Nevelson. She’s an artist that uses “found objects” to create her sculptures. Which instantly reminded me of Isaiah Zagar.

This is his studio on South Street in Philly. He finds things & creates these textured murals out of them. I have tons of pictures, but you can also go to his site to see more of his work.

Pictures 129

I know I had posted a Photo Friday submission about Isaiah Zagar before. So, I did a search through my site to see where it was, & turns out it was July 2006, my very 1st Photo Friday!! That was kinda cool to see that.

You know I’m gonna tell you to check out everyone else’s Photo Friday submissions in the linkviewer.

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