my old age

I’m getting old. I’m totally losing my memory all over the place. I used to have a memory like a steel trap.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to post about, but then when I’m in front of this page, I just forget what it was that I totally wanted to put down on here! This is frustrating for me, b/c this spot is 1st my place to keep track of my own thoughts & a place to put up things I thought were interesting.

I do have a voice recorder on my phone & a notepad on it. Somehow, I deleted all my notes. But I’m gonna visit this site more too, which I think will help. I have a lot of catching up to do on everyone else’s blogs!moonstruck

But you know how in Moonstruck, Cher’s getting all gray around her face, & she gets that transformation before the opera? Well, I kinda feel like I’m going through what she did. I’ve been getting these grays around my face that I’ve been plucking out. I think it’s getting to the time for me to stop plucking, & just dive in & color it.

I’m going to research hair color before I do it, though. Cause my hair’s pretty long, & I like to keep it as healthy as possible so that I don’t have to cut it as often.

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