it wasn’t me….

If anyone asks where I’ve been, I wasn’t shopping for things I don’t need.


4 thoughts on “it wasn’t me….

  1. Hahaha…

    No, I didn’t. I had to be sensible. Work’s too busy & weather’s too bad for me to have occasion to wear them for months.

    But to redeem myself, you should know that I did buy a fantastic pair of pants (those can be hard to find & pricey when you do find them), 2 new handbags, & some new lingerie.

  2. that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard you say. since when is it allowed to say “sensible” and “shoes” together? When you love a pair of shoes, you do what you have to. Things can be sacrificed in other areas. This also goes for coats and bags….oh, and jewelry. For me, Jewelry (cap J) comes first, then shoes, then coats, then bags. i’m always behind on my bags.

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