Winter Break

So, I’ve been on Winter Vaca for the last 2 weeks. My goals for this Break? To work on my résumé, & scan/upload old pix. I wanted to scan ALL our old family pix; some as old as 40 or more years. I also wanted to just do some of my old fun pix from before I had a digital camera. Now that I can share those online; you couldn’t do that in the 80’s & 90’s!

Anyway, I got nuttin done. But I had a great time!! & had such a busy fun Break!

Here’s just the last couple days….

You need to know that my sis flew in from WI on Xmas day, & we’ve both been staying at my parent’s w/ my bro since then.

On Thurs, we all (us siblings) chipped in & bought my parents a HUGE tv. I’m not exactly sure that they’re called tvs anymore. I’m pretty sure this thing isn’t called a tv, but I don’t know the new lingo. We had fam friends over for din-din, & so were up really, really late. My parents went to bed around midnight, so I got to work on this sugar-free dessert (my mom’s diabetic). Was up til 3 am doing this; then sealed it, & hid it in my car’s trunk.

On Fri, we found out that the tv may or may not be delivered in the next 24 hours, so we got to work on my parent’s entertainment center. This thing weighs like 300 lbs, it’s huge, & needed to be cleaned out. We were working on it all day, & planning on going out to din for my mom’s b-day that night. My mom’s b-day is actually Dec. 20th; my parent’s went to see the new Bond movie & the next week they went out to din w/ my bro. But my mom lives for us kids, so to her, it’s not really a b-day party unless we’re all there. So, I went out & snuck the dessert from my car to their car before we left for din. We got to din, & surprised my mom w/ my other sister meeting us there w/ her hubby!!! She was floored! Then, of course, the dessert that was snuck in (we had grabbed their valet key so we could sneak the cake from the car to the restaurant after being seated).

Sat was tough to wake up since we were all up til 4 am talking the night before. But we had to get up at 9 am for an old fam friend’s engagement party. We’ve known the girls since I was 5 years old. The older sis is married, has a new baby (8 mos.), & livin in Seattle. The younger sis lives in LA, & her & her fiancé had their engagement party here. So, fun times last night too.

That’s just the last couple of days, we’ve been running around doing stuff for the last 2 weeks!

Now, I’m so exhausted, & so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I think I can go back as early as Wed, if nec, but would really appreciate not having to go in till Thurs. Wish someone could just snap their fingers & arrange that.

One thought on “Winter Break

  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I was off for two weeks, too. Did lots of partying with the friends, lots of football, good drink, good food, good music, all went well. And of course got nothin’ done!
    That’s what holidays are for. Hope you’re feeling back into the swing of things by now. 😉

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