Just a relief. I feel relieved. Today is a beautifully, gorgeous, amazing day. It’s 72 & sunny here in gorgeous Cleveland, Ohio. The leaves are amazing shades of oranges, reds, browns, yellows. The sun’s hittin ’em just right. In my head, it’s like this all over the US of A today. And all over the world!

Also, from Idle, I’ve discovered this, by Mr. Patrick Moberg, a new bookmark of mine:

I really couldn’t care less what color he or anyone is. But that illustration above did look like it could use a lil color, didn’t it? I hope in the next hundred years, it has all types of different color & sexes & orientations.

But that’s really just secondary. I can just feel that we have now a leader that will steer us forward. I haven’t felt this good about a prezzy since (or before) Bill. I know we are in for great changes.

And wasn’t it Dave Thomas that said “Change is Good”?

I have to admit, I’m kinda excited to see these gals grow up with their puppy in the White House. This is a photo-journalist’s dream. And I know those 2 girls are going to grow up to do something amazing with their lives & for our lives!

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