today’s searches don’t count.

So, I don’t really have a tv that I watch. Don’t have cable, & never really there to watch anything, so I didn’t know I missed the VMAs yesterday till I watched the news this morn. So, of course, I’ve been looking at pix online for the last hour.

And here’s how that’s been workin out for me:


look at a pic.
do a search for Russell Brand
look at next pic.
do a search for “Fanny Pak” (seriously? Fanny Pak? ok.)
search Christopher Mintz-Plasse
see pic of Slash on stage.
google his wife to see what she wore (I really dig Slash’s wifey, she’s spunky-cute)
google Tocarra

Wait…. WHAT!?>!!#: !
T-Pain came in on an elephant?!?! redunkulous.

Cisco Alder was there? Is he still relevant? Was he EVER relavant?

google Stephanie Pratt.

Katy Perry looks like a stupid banana whore in her performance pic.

Jordin Sparks look HUGE, but I still got love for her. It may just be a bad angle.
Pink looks HOTTTTTT. That’s more than 2 T’s.
Lil Wayne looks stupid & lil.
Pussycat dolls look pretty classy for a group that calls themselves pussycat dolls.

Michael Phelps can wear whatever he wants cause he the golden boy at the moment. But I do wish his mom taught him how to pull his pants up & wear a belt properly. I really don’t like when boy’s pants aren’t pulled up. I’m not askin for Urkel here, but I just don’t like the low-riding pants. It’s a lil gay, don’t cha think? (I mean that in the best possible way.)

AUGH! I can NOT stand lil Wayne. He seriously makes me want to rip off my ears, & now my eyes. He’s wearing an MLK shirt? For reals?!?! I’m so sick of him. I would love to meet him so that I can smack him (seriously, right across the face) & tell him to never EVER compare himself to MLK Jr. EVER again. I’m not a hostile person, but I really can’t stand him. And pull your pants up, punk.

LL looks classy, as usual.
Kid Rock looks appropriately dressed-up-white-trash. (I mean that in the best way possible too).

Brooke Hogan didn’t fall too far from the tree, eh?

I didn’t know Lupe was a polo-playing white British aristocrat?

Chris Brown can wear whatever he wants. He’s a good, young, clean kid from the streets of Philly who stayed focused on his goals, & got to where he is with a bit of luck & a ton of hard work. The boy can dance his butt off. I hope he stays grounded & on top.

David Banner – stupid is as stupid does.

I hate mermaidy dresses. But I love Christina (Xtina if ya will). So, I’m just turning my head at that one. Everyone’s allowed a pass.


oh, looks like I got to the end of the pix. Man, I wish I had cable. I totally coulda live-blogged that.

You know, if I wasn’t so lazy about my blogging 😉

7 thoughts on “today’s searches don’t count.

  1. Ok, first , your commentary is HIL-AR-I-OUS! Second, I thought Pink looked so old! Like, old lady old. Third, Kate Perry looked completely ridiculous in that outfit! My first thought when I saw the pic? She’s a trapeeze artist! Hahaha Oh, and you know M. Phelps wears is pants low so that he can “accidentally” lift his shirt and show off his totally killer abs. Boy, that boy’s torso is HOTT but the rest of him is seriously ugly. It’s too bad really. He’s definitely not the whole package, you know. And what was up with the polo-playing aristocrat look? Yuck – what the hell was that guy (and his publicist) thinking. Hey, you gotta give props to B. Spears ’cause she looked pretty decent. BTW, I’m over her – no more girl crush for me. KK, thanks for commentating (heehee, I made that word up) on the VMAs. 🙂

  2. Oh, you’re right! Katy Perry’s outfit woulda been completely on the $ if she were a trapeze artist. Or anything circus related really. Esp if there was a trapeze act w/ monkeys.

    Why do I always go to monkeys?

    I dunno about that Michael Phelps. I don’t really think his torso is hot either. I just don’t really see anything there. But I know that he’s gettin the ladies (laid – ease !) now. [if ya know what I mean 😉 ]

    & I agree. Brit-brit did look good. I do like tinsel.

  3. oh, & I have to retract my fanny pak comment. I watched clips of the VMAs last night, & apparently they are a dance crew that won & are giving their prize money to charity.

    so… big ups to fanny-pak yo.

  4. Ok, so I missed the VMAs because I’m so out of the pop-culture loop it’s not funny but now I’m going to go through all your links. That way, it’s like I was there!


  5. I didn’t watch the VMAs but I paid attention to a lot of the run-up to it and was all over it the day after. Russell Brand is FUCKING COOL!!!

    Other notables to go over with you:
    I saw Fanny Pak’s audition for the dance crew spot on the VMAs and they were absolutely incredible! But I am a bit disappointed with the name, it’s almost degrading to how talented they are.

    Jordin Sparks did look huge in that dress regardless of angle, but I saw her in another recent photo in a pink suit and she didn’t look nearly that size, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s the dress???

    i was really impressed with the Pussycat Dolls. I almost didn’t know who they were.

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