I’m moving as we speak

Hey folks,

I’m tired of having to censor myself. I want to speak my mind sometimes w/out worrying about the crazies on the internet, or particular ppl finding my blog & reading about stuff.

I want to post personal/private pictures & videos. Stuff from my life. There are certain ppl who read this blog to keep up w/ what’s going on in my life (family & friends).

So, I’ve moved my blog. I’ve also been afraid of Blogger deleting all my stuff too.

The new page is http://SweetSunshower.com.

I love alliteration. I needed it to have Sun in it definitely. And “Sunshower” is a song by Chris Cornell that I really like. In it, he says “sweet sunshower”.

It’s still under construction, but I think I’m gonna post anyway. Just pardon my dust.

Please update your bookmarks. I’m trying to figure out how this auto-redirecting works right now.

UPDATE: Sweeeeet! Figured out auto-redirecting. Now I just need to play around w/ the design element of it all. My RSS feed is updated too, so you can keep any subscriptions (igoogle, my yahoo, whatever).

3 thoughts on “I’m moving as we speak

  1. Why would blogger delete your blog? Is this new site, like, private or something? Is it free? So curious, I am, mmhmm

  2. I’ve heard of cases where ppl’s blogger blogs were just deleted. It’s never happened to me or anyone I know.

    But the reason I switched is so that I can share personal stories & pix (like a pic & cute anecdote from your Bachelorette party, that we wouldn’t want the world to see, just us gal-friends!).

    So, you & other specific ppl would get the password to be able to see any password-protected posts. You can’t do that in Blogger. I’ve asked them for a few months, but it’s not even on the agenda for the new Blogger upgrade.

    Oh- & I use BlogBackupOnline.com to back up my blogs (old & new). I set it up when I 1st heard of things getting deleted. It’s free (for us that don’t post 50 times a day), & they do an automatic back-up of my blogs every morning before I even fully wake up!

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