Are they watching me?

Is it just me? Is your spam getting really, really specific?

I kinda freaked when I saw this in my spam folder…I im’d my bff (freaking out) about it, & she said (jokingly, I hope) that they’re watching me.

If they are watching me, does that mean that I LOOK over 30? I take care of my skin. I still get carded. Ppl in real life always think I’m younger. I even know someone who celebrated my 30th b-day w/ me, cake & all. And a few weeks ago, told me I had nothing to worry about b/c I wasn’t even 30 yet (we were talking about me, Mr. T, & the prospect of any motherhood for me, like ever).

So, how come the internet can’t see that?!?!?


One thought on “Are they watching me?

  1. I swear, if I get one more article of spam telling me I can cleanse my colon/lose weight/improve my skin/insert silly claim here with the acai berry, I’m gonna freak. Evidently it’s the secret to every damn thing on the planet and only spammers know about its’ hidden potential.

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