I’ll be better, I swear.

Sorry, my ppls. I’ll post again. It’ll prob be boring stuff, but I do feel better when I post more often. I started this all for myself in the 1st place, & I really do need to post more for myself again.

If you don’t know this by now, I am pretty self-involved. Like, (& prob shouldn’t be admitting this to the internets) I actually do go back into my archives & re-read the things I’ve written. I’ve spent hours doing it before.

Not often, mind you. But I love re-living things. Maybe that’s what it is, not really my self-involved-ness. I do also spend hours sometimes looking through old photo albums on my computer, or video-collages I’ve made of my old photos too.

Yeah, that’s prob what it is. I just love to reminisce. Now that I think of it, you know when ppl ask “have I told you this before?”, & if they have, they don’t re-tell the story. Well, I love hearing the same story over & over (most times).

4 thoughts on “I’ll be better, I swear.

  1. ok, so after going through all of your posts, you must have a favorite. Repost it or link it and make an update on it if applicable.

  2. I don’t know… I’ve often toyed w/ the idea of adding a “best of”, or “my faves” in the sidebar.

    But I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    I’ve also never read through other ppl’s “best of” or anything like that. But I have spent hours going through their archives.

    Maybe it’s cause I think they’re all special (the posts, I mean).

  3. So are you back? Like, really?
    Those little things you think are boring are what make a life and a story. I think of my blog as sort of an online diary, and I always do feel better after I blog too. My “homesickness” for Europe has slowed down quite a bit since I blogged about it.

    I hope everything else is going well with you. Let me know how this weekend is shaping up for you, if you have plans etc. I’m still putting plans together.

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