that’s how you slap a racist diva

How comes we don’t convict racists & bigots here in the US like they do in France?

They mean ill-will & harm to a particular group of ppl. How many ppl die here in the US b/c of their race, religion, gender (transgender), or sexual-orientation? How many are harmed or die, & it goes unreported? It’s sickening.

Brigitte Bardot wrote a letter to (then) Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. In the letter, she provoked discrimination and racial hatred; stating that Muslims are destroying France.

She wrote that France was “tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.”

Her statements were also published in her foundation’s quarterly journal.

France has anti-racism laws that “prevent inciting hatred and discrimination on racial or religious or racial grounds”. Bardot has already been convicted four times for this in the past.

3 thoughts on “that’s how you slap a racist diva

  1. Yes, those daren crazy Muslims. Trying to ruin a generations old practice of surrender and being snotty. How dare they mess with a winning formula like that? lol. Oh, that crazy Bardot. *shakes head*

  2. I saw the link about Bardot on CNN or something. Decided not to click it, so thanks for the synopsis.

    Your space looks like a fun place. Thanks for your visit today and for jumping right into comments.

    I’ll be around…

  3. This whole blasted country full of haters will have to shut up when Obama becomes President. I can’t wait….

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