am I just too sensitive?

This is kinda a lazy pic post; but there are a few things wrong. So, they’re wrong, but I’ve gotta admit, still a lil funny.

So, for my b-day, I had to re-register my cars. Who says ya don’t get anything for $50 now-a-days. Lookit… I got these 2 cute lil black stickers for $100! The lady offered to give me a sticker that doesn’t expire til May 2010 for just an extra $50. I declined.

Next up… I got this lovely letter in the mail to remind me that I’m now “of a certain age”. Yeah, it’s nice to save money, but couldn’t they just say that they’re giving me a refund b/c my “hair’s a bit longer”? Or, b/c they’re excited that shrugs are no longer in style?

I trust there’s one on the way to me for my 2007 Corolla too?
~fingers crossed~

And last up, I saw this on one of my MyYahoo! pages. I have multiple MyYahoo pages set up by categories. Anyway, I thought this was a lil inappropriate.

2 thoughts on “am I just too sensitive?

  1. Holy cow! You have multiple cars? I had no idea!

    It is nice to save money, I agree, but I do think it would be nice if they could code the reason why in a bit nicer terms…maybe, like, “We now recognize your earned fabulousness and are reducing your rate as a result”.

  2. It’s not really a good thing, my 2 cars. I only drive one (someone else uses the other); but pay insurance on both.

    And the other person got in an accident in the 98 Sentra, so my insurance on that has doubled & is now about equal to my brand new Corolla that is fully-covered. bleah.

    less money, mo probs. I hear ya, Biggie.

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