fun b-day: friends & Magpies

This past Sat. was my b-day. Like, my actual birth day, not just the day I celebrated it. It’s actually the 1st birthday I’ve had since 2005! I know that may seem hard to believe, but it was. Don’t think about that anymore. That’s not important. What is imp, is that I had a fabuloso time. (that’s just like fabulous, but in Italian stilettos)

So, on Sat, I woke up & just chilled. Had some yummy hazelnut coffee on the back deck & just watched the sky.

Oh, here’s the thing… every year, on May 17th, it is bee-u-ti-full. Gorgeous. 70 degrees & sunshine. Every May 17th. W/out fail.

So, obviously, I was really bummed out on Fri when I heard we were gonna have rain & 60 degrees all weekend. They said Sat would be rain, t-storms, & more rain. (I think I may have said “Stupid Global Warming” at least once an hour on Friday)

But all for naught, b/c it was 73 & sunny, just like God intended it to be every May 17th. Big ups to the G-o-d! Mad props at cha, baby!

Ok, maybe that last part was a lil wrong. But if you can’t be blasphemous on your birthday, then just when is it appropriate?

So, the gals & I went to D’Vine for din & drinks. I have felt that I really haven’t had any “just girls” time in a while, & it was almost detoxing to be able to have that time w/ them!

I also got to meet one of my blog-friends in real life, so that was really cool! I had “discovered” Gennifer sometime in like 2006. We both were reading the same political satire blog; there was some Cleveland-related post & when commenting, I noticed there was a like-minded Clevelander on there. Anyway, she came out & she is as cool, witty & charming in person as on her blog! We’ve been blog-friends ever since!

Then, we went on to see the Magpies play at one of my favorite places. They were so much fun, & I don’t know if it was just me, but I think it was prob the best performance I’d seen from them this past year!!! They were really into the music. And it was super-cool of them to wish me a happy birthday & play a song for me. But then again, I’ve been to every single one of their shows (except the weekend of my sister’s wedding) for a long, looong time. And my bff & I always bring at least another 10 ppl, who now love the band too!

*sidenote: you may remember me talking about the Whiskeyhounds back in the day. The Whiskeyhounds are now the Magpies. You know, like how Puffy is now Diddy. Just like that.

Oh, & one more thing… The Magpies were on NPR recently on Around Noon. If you click on that link, it’ll take you to their interview. You can ff to around 31 minutes, that’s where their part starts.

2 thoughts on “fun b-day: friends & Magpies

  1. mmmmmmmm…Italian stilettos. A more develish shoe cannot be had, I am sure. Happy birthday. *scrounges around desk* Here, I got you this uh…. paperclip and calculator with a dead battery.

  2. I’m glad you had a wonderful time and hopefully you’ll be more inclined to celeberate your birthday next year!

    We’ll have to get together again soon.

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