killin any chance of me on Amer. Idol

Ok, so… not exactly thrilled about this one. But here’s another Conversations in Real life involving my dad.

Let me 1st say that I haven’t been completely there this past week. Starting last Tues, I’ve been super-spinny. Yeah, that’s not exactly a technical term, eh? Well, I’ve been so dizzy that I actually got out of bed last Tues, & just fell to the ground!!! Like, couldn’t even stand up.

It was like Bambi, but on an acid trip. The whole room just spinning around. That was all day last Tues. I didn’t go to work that day or the next (last Wed.).

Then, Thursday, I kinda had to go to work, so I did. But I called my ppl (uh, that’s Kaiser, they have these 24-hour advice nurses to take calls) to see what they thought. They wanted me to come in to get looked at.

Of course they did; that’s their racket, ya know?! They just wanna get you through the door, just like every other corporation. I told them “no way, no how!”

My sister was having a HUMONGO party on Sat in Detroit, & there was no way I was missing it.

The advice-nurse kept insisting, saying it would only be a quick 30-min diagnosis. They thought I prob had Vertigo. I explained to her that the last time they told me to come in for a quick 30-min diagnosis (for a migraine), I ended up getting admitted for 5 days (for viral meningitis). So, I wasn’t coming in until I got back from this party, & we could set up an appointment for next week.

Which we did, & I went to it yesterday, & I do have Vertigo, & they gave me a prescription. And as I’m typing this, I am SOOOO dizzy & light-headed; & feel like I should go lay down.

Ok, back to the post. When I’m not feeling well, I like to stay at my mom’s house. Yes, clichéd. But that’s me. My mom treats me well, & I can watch Ellen with her during the day.

So, to set the scene, I was at my parent’s last night watching American Idol. And they were naming all the things the American Idol winner gets.

Pappa: Whoa, If only D could sing! Then, we could put her up in American Idol & she could try to win it. It’s too bad she isn’t that talented.

My mom: It doesn’t matter anyway, she could NEVER go to American Idol, even if she could sing!

Pappa: Why not?

Ma: Cause she’s way too old. They have an age limit to that, you know.

Pappa: Oh.

Uh…. WAHAT!! I’m sitting right here ppl! While they’re discussing my inability to sing & how old I’ve become.

So, long story coming to an end (can’t really say “long story, short”, eh?), I’m sleeping at my own house tonight. For the 1st time in over a week.

2 thoughts on “killin any chance of me on Amer. Idol

  1. tsk tsk tsk….. typing on meds and not enjoying it. I say that’s reason enough to ask for a higher dose,no? lol. Don’t feel bad about the idol comment. Nobody this season can sing worth a damn either. Tie your hair crazy like Sanjaya or however you spell her…er, his name and that’s all ya need.

  2. doesn’t it suck to be in your early thirties and TOO OLD for something? I don’t mind being too old to screw a 16-year-old boy, I can live with that, but being too aged for AI is depressing. At least Cook isn’t jailbait.

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